From the Sports Desk

September 23, 2009

by Kevin Sims

In theory, nothing should be more exciting than a 48-13 beat-down of an instate rival on the first home game of the season, but I found myself drifting to that special world of random thoughts between quarterback Ross Jenkins’ touchdown passes and cornerback Deon Young’s interceptions.

Don’t get me wrong; nothing makes a week better and the sports page smoother than a Bulldog victory, but when the Bulldogs take that big of a lead, you find yourself trying to grab a remote, which leads to an awkward moment if you are sitting in the press box.

I usually advise people to try to stay out of my head, as it’s about as healthy as chain-smoking boxes of cigars laced with asbestos, but I will give the reader a glimpse of just a few thoughts of randomness last Saturday night.

?Did a guy with a parachute just fall out of the sky, skip across the field like a rock over water and take out a band member? Epic!

?The new JumboTron is absolutely amazing, from the picture to the decorative brick base to the entire presentation. I need to ask Derek Dooley about the JumboTron after the game.

?Dooley is the most intimidating person I’ve ever had the pleasure of covering. After his public service announcement on the big screen, I not only signed up for the Emergency Notification System, I joined the neighborhood watch and became the unofficial hall monitor in the basement of Keeny Hall.

?Safety Antonio Baker is flat-out one of the best safeties I’ve ever seen play. His statistics by no means give justice to how good of an athlete he is. I have no clue how fast he really is; he seems to be just quick enough to be in the middle of every defensive play in every game. Exactly how many people are on the field wearing a No. 34 jersey?

?Defensive tackle D’Anthony Smith hit the Nicholls’ running back so hard, I’m pretty sure it’s considered a felony. How did the entire offensive line not see a 6’2″, 300-pound beast standing in the middle of the backfield? Was D’Anthony thinking tiny thoughts or were they blinded by the greatest smile on Tech’s campus?

?I just got a text from the sports photographer saying she is taking pictures for a “12 Months of Dooley” calendar. Why do I have the feeling that January will be a picture of a shirtless Dooley standing atop the JumboTron throwing lightning bolts at the Bulldog non-believers?

?How is playing Nicholls State good for the program, yet the University of Louisiana at Monroe is not? Neither of the programs is anywhere close to our level, but at least the I-20 rival would pack the house.

?Jenkins may not have Peyton Manning’s lazer rocket arm, but the guy knows how to win. Seven wins in his first 11 starts is quite impressive, but the confidence he has to buy time scrambling in the pocket to make a play down field is something beautiful to watch.

?I really need to stop looking at my text messages during the game. Someone just asked me if I see her in the student section. She said she’s the one wearing the blue Tech shirt. I need better friends.

?What’s the NCAA record for kicks-offs that go out-of-bounds? I’ve seen kicker Matt Nelson split the uprights at 46 yards; surely he can keep one kickoff between the sidelines.

Never ask Dooley about the ?JumboTron again. Even better, don’t ever make eye contact with him again. I’m pretty sure he isn’t laughing with me at the moment. I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy.