April 7, 2011

While I recognize and respect your right of free speech, which is upheld by this country’s soilders, which you are so “ashamed” of, I beg to differ on your view point on this topic. Yes, war is ugly and usually starts when the best of intentions have gone awry. I’m not saying that what those soilders did wasn’t wrong, but I just want to point out the amount of stess those men are under. They suffer being away from the comforts of home, their families, the people who support them, and have also been around nothing but violence and war for the past six months. I am not even close to being a psychology major, but I do know the effect that has on the human mind is substantial and is BOUND to have side effects that NO person would be proud of. These men have to deal with all of those stess factors all while being under the stress of following orders, watching out for their fellow soldier next to them, and keeping an eye out for people who look friendly one moment and will stab them in the back the next. Might I remind you, during the Vietnam Conflict, there were many times a soldiers would believe a person to be friendly and next thing they knew the woman or child would pull out a bamboo stake and stab them in the back.

I don’t see you out there fighting for this country. I don’t see you writing a blank check for your life and trusting that you will make it back to American soil without it being cashed. Your family doesn’t have to deal with the posibility of your body coming home in a flag drapped coffin. You just think about that the next time you decide to voice your opinion on how your “heart trembled and then dropped” after reading something about America’s military men and women.

  –Kelly McConnell

senior biology major

Hope, Ark.