Fall Fling reigns on despite bad weather

September 23, 2009

by Jessica Cassels

Rain forced Union Board and KLPI to abruptly change the location of their annual Fall Fling from Centennial Plaza to the Tonk, Sept. 14.

Barry Morales, director of student development, said the event still worked very well despite the weather conditions.
“The adjustments made were still inviting and enjoyable by all who attended,” Morales said.

The event was full of excitement with attractions such as a mechanical bull, an old Western photo shoot and an obstacle course.

“I think students enjoy the social nature of these events, as such events work to complement what occurs in the classroom and build friendships and collegiality among the students,” Morales said.

Cassie Carson, treasurer of UB and a senior journalism major, said the Western theme for Fall Fling was fantastic for students.

“The Western photo shoot was great for friends and couples to take pictures together,” Carson said. “The rock wall would have completed the Western theme.”

Jessica Casey, a freshman architecture major, was one the first students to ride the mechanical bull.

Casey said riding the bull was more challenging than she thought it would be.

“I attended the Fall Fling so that I could meet some new people, and I would have come regardless, rain or shine,” Casey said.

Robert Gallant, a sophomore chemical engineering major, attended Fall Fling but almost did not make it.

Gallant said he thought there should have been more publicity for the event, and he did not know about it until the day of the event.

“If it had not rained, I think more people would have known about it because it would be very visible in the plaza,” Gallant said.

Lucas Vascocu, a junior finance major, said he loved Fall Fling but hated that it had been pushed inside due to the rain.

“Even though everything had to be moved inside, my favorite thing had to be the obstacle course,” Vascocu said.
“It was exhilarating, and I couldn’t help but to try to beat my buddies.”

Other attractions included a street sign maker and a pie eating contest.

Many students flocked toward the street sign maker booth and made signs that included names such as “Vickers Road,” “Coka Street” and “Hillary Boulevard.”

Winners of the pie eating contest were first place Nick Duncan, a senior kinesiology and health promotion major; second place Raymond Baez, a senior electrical engineering major; and third place John Bain, a senior senior construction engineering technology major.

Bain said he had not known about Fall Fling until the moment he walked into the Student Center, main floor.

“The rain didn’t allow as many people to be attracted,” Bain said. “It’s normally in the plaza and with everyone walking around they actually see it going on; but no matter what the rain didn’t stop people from coming and having a good time.”