A place in this world

March 25, 2009

by Maggie Bullock

It has finally happened.
Just about every girl’s fantasy came true last Saturday when that hunk of a vampire, Edward Cullen, was stuffed into a compact disc and sold at the nearest entertainment store.
That’s right. The first installment of the Twilight series, Twilight, was released on DVD. Now all the Edward lovers can stare in awe in the comfort of their own home every night.
Now whether or not that majority running for its copy was a teenage girl, I am not sure.
The book is aimed toward a younger audience, but I have seen women in their thirties and forties not able to put the book down and then can hardly wait to start the next one. It appears all ages can get something out of these books. And now the madness can continue with the movies.
I have to admit I was one of those girls who was pretty thrilled to see the movie Twilight and was most likely there on opening weekend. I can also guarantee I was one of those girls who purchased Twilight when it came out on DVD last weekend, but I am also sure my mother was not there with me. She was not there with me to ooh and ahh as we waited in line at midnight for our very own Cullen copy to watch together. But then again I am not a teenager and my mom is not really into vampires.
Also, I do not think I would call myself an Edward Cullen fanatic. Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen in Twilight, was on a late night talk show a couple of weeks ago. He said after the movie premiered, girls would ask him to bite them on the neck when he was spotted in public. I may swoon a bit when I see him on the big screen, but I do not think I would cross that line.
Another confession I have to make is I have actually not read the books. I have been given the books, but am still yet to fall under Edward Cullen’s spell. Some people might be in disgust when they hear such news. How could such a riveting book, which captures teen romance and dedication so exceptionally, be passed up?
Maybe the reason is the whole Twilight phenomenon reminds me of the boy wizard who always finds himself in hairy situations, Harry Potter.
Twilight is another book that has been taken and turned into a huge marketing campaign and aimed at teenagers.
I am sure I will still find myself watching all those Harry Potter and Twilight movies with the rest of the masses of females who perhaps pine over Edward Cullen as well and maybe one day I will pick up the books.
However, maybe Twilight has broken through the regular mold of just appealing to the teenage genre. Maybe these vampires and Edward and Bella’s love for each other will give mothers and daughters something to talk about and share together.

Maggie Bullock is a junior journalism major from Ruston, La. Email comments to meb036@latech.edu