Students give back through organization

October 31, 2007

by Taylor Aswell

Since 1997, Tech’s Golden Key International Honour Society has been giving back to the community, and this year they are continuing on their path.

The group of students from Golden Key accepted donations of household items and clothing from other Tech students Oct. 22-23 to give to Rolling Hills Baptist Ministry, located at 3487 Hwy. 33, for National Make a Difference Day.

Robbie Reeves, president of Golden Key and a senior political science major, said he was glad the group got students at Tech involved.

“Golden Key gives students, in and out of the society, an opportunity to participate in the community surrounding Tech,” Reeves said.

He said giving back to the community at large is one of the most important things anyone can do.

“Last year, our honors society was not as active as we would have liked,” Reeves said. “We are really trying to turn that around this year by giving back as much as we can.”

He said this year they have multiple projects planned to help out the area and students.

“This year we are sponsoring The Great Debate, helping with Read Across America Day and holding a class called ‘Investing for Dummies,'” he said. “We have a lot planned for this year, and the majority of the work we do for the community is for literacy awareness.”

Reeves said while collecting these items from people, Golden Key is also trying to raise a_ware_ness about their honor society.

“Many people have never even heard of [Golden Key], and we are trying to change that,” Reeves said. “Many people are invited to join, but they just have no idea who or what we are.”

Ron Cathey, chapter adviser of Golden Key and director of counseling and career services at Tech, said the society is helped greatly by the fact that Golden Key has to invite a student to become a member.

“To get invited you have to be in the top 15 percent of your grade, and be a sophomore or higher,” Cathey said.

Cathey said students must be in the top 15 percent of their class in order to be invited to join the organization; students must also be of at least sophomore status. Cathey also said students who join Golden Key get more than just an opportunity to serve.

“There are numerous benefits student get from Gold_en Key, from scholarship opportunities to discounts,” Cathey said.
“But most importantly, they are given the ability to develop leadership skills that relate to education.”

Denton Culpepper, vice president of Golden Key and a senior wildlife conservation major, said the leadership gained from his experiences have really helped him.

Culpepper said the feeling of accomplishment he receives from helping is worth more than any of the scholarships he could receive.

“What Golden Key is doing at Tech for National Make a Difference Day is just one thing we are doing this year,” Culpepper said.

“Helping others is something I’m glad Golden Key does, because I love the looks on people’s faces when they are truly helped.”