Department adds five to faculty

September 27, 2007

by Taylor Aswell

Tech’s School of Biological Sciences has welcomed five new teachers to the faculty. Mary Muslow, Lance Schuler, Jeffry Shultz, William Wolf and Jeffrey Yule are all now assistant professors in the department at Tech.

William J. Campbell, interim director of the School of Biological Sciences, said these five teachers exemplify what the department is looking for.

Campbell said the committee searched thoroughly for the best candidates for the vacant positions.

“We got several applications for the job, and we believe the best were chosen. With the choices we made, we are headed in the right direction,” he said. “The new staff is highly experienced.”

Campbell said he knows the high level of training and expertise being brought to the school can only benefit the students and the university.

“These five new teachers bring so much more to Tech,” Campbell said.

“Their hiring has brought new courses and a new-found collaboration with the biomedical engineering department at Tech.”

Campbell said he knows these are not the only attributes the new faculty members have brought to Tech.

“One of the most important things the new teachers brought is the research opportunities that they offer to the students,” Campbell said.

Lance Schuler, an assistant professor of biological sciences, said the research aspect of biological sciences is vital.

“Teaching and learning are very important, but many people overlook the research aspect of science. Without research, some things cannot be done,” Schuler said.

He also said since Tech already has such an excellent biological science program, the research only adds to it.

“So far, my experiences at Tech have been amazing. The students and the faculty have impressed me a lot,” Schuler said. “Environmental science is important, and it feels good to be surrounded by people who care.”

Campbell said he is impressed with all of the new teachers as well.

“Since hiring the new teachers, all I have heard is good comments about them,” Campbell said. “It feels good to know that the right decisions were made.”

Campbell said the faculty at Tech was not the only group impressed with the changes being made.

Mason Coker, a sophomore kinesiology major, said Tech is improving by adding more experienced faculty.

“When I heard about these new teachers and the research opportunities that they brought to Tech, I felt grateful,” Coker said. “It just makes me feel that my money is going into good hands.”

Campbell said he wants what is best for Tech students, and he believes these new teachers are exactly what is needed.

“The students are the most important part of a college,” Campbell said. “These new teachers can bring the student body a higher level of learning.”