Ante up for charity

October 31, 2008

by Danielle Cintron

Five canned goods and lady luck is all that’s required.

The Society of Honors Scholars hosted its charity poker tournament last Friday in the conference rooms on the second floor of the Student Center.

SHS gave away donated prizes to the top 10 seated players. The first place winner, David Griggs, a freshman biomedical engineering major, received a prize package including gift cards to Wal-Mart, Ponchatoula’s/Log Cabin, and El Jarrito, two free passes to Celebrity Theater, a free rental at Blockbuster, a Domino’s pizza card and a buy-one-get-one-free card to Smoothie King.

Bryan Townsend, an assistant professor of speech, placed second and received prizes from Wal-Mart Ponchatoula’s/Log Cabin, Blockbuster, Domino’s and Smoothie King. The third place seat, Kiran Katkuri, a biomedical engineering major, won gift cards to Wal-Mart, El Jarrito, Blockbuster, Domino’s and Smoothie King.

Rebekah Sebastian, secretary of SHS and a junior biology major, said the purpose of the tournament was to collect canned goods and paper products to donate to Domestic Abuse Resistance Team.

“We try to do one service event every quarter, and since [the poker tournament] worked so well last year we decided to do it again,” Sebastian said.

She said the tournament was smaller the first time they hosted it, but the response was very strong.

“Last year we had a three can buy-in, but everyone brought in more than three so we asked participants to bring five cans this year,” Sebastian said. “DART called us and requested the paper products.”

Sebastian also said the total amount of cans brought in came to 335; there were 63 paper towels and a dozen rolls of toilet paper.

“There is always a great response from people when it comes to [the charity poker] event,” Sebastian said.

Anna DiCarlo, vice-president of SHS and a sophomore biology major, said she was glad to see the event grow since last year.

“DART is a great organization to work with and we are glad to be able to help them,” DiCarlo said.

She said SHS would be dropping all the donations off sometime during the upcoming week.

Ryan Dieck, a junior finance major, participated in the poker tournament.

“My roommate told me about it and playing sounded better than doing nothing, not to mention it’s for a good cause,” Dieck said.

He said he’s been playing poker for two years, and that he enjoys playing as just a hobby.

“I won my second hand and nothing else since we started playing,” Dieck said. “I think they figured me out.”