DBW shares its ‘Best Week Ever’ with students

October 31, 2008

by Lamesa Furlow

Last week, The Society of Distinguished Black Women hosted “Da Best Week Ever,” activities organized as an attempt to entertain students and promote DBW as a positive organization on campus.

Jasmine Randell, president of DBW and a senior speech communications major, said DBW is a community service organization which promotes unity.

“We promoted community service by providing fun activities for the Tech community like games, movies and we even had free food,” Randell said.

Randell said she thought their week was well planned and organized and hopes the next event will be a continued success.

Zackary Williams, a senior studio art major, said he attended most of the DBW events.

Williams also said his favorite event was game night in the Student Center, Main Floor last Wednesday.

“We played musical chairs, Twister, Bingo and Uno,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the events for next year; they will be bigger and better.”

Lee Adams, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, said he enjoyed the fellowship off Fun Day in Centennial Plaza last Tuesday, but the best part was learning new things about the organization.

“I learned a lot about what the organization stood for and what they did in the community,” he said.

Jasmine Brown, DBW secretary and a junior biology and chemistry major, said the hardest part of the event was trying to get campus-wide participation.

“We made a Facebook group and put out flyers listing the events for the week,” she said. “I feel like we got a lot accomplished and more people are aware of what our organization is all about.”

Jessica Elliott, a senior biology major, said she helped coordinate the fun day and political awareness during the organization’s week.

“I think everyone had fun last week and I hope more people participate in our events in the future,” Elliott said. ” I hope our political awareness activity helped students become more informed about each candidate and issues that will greatly impact our nation like foreign policy and healthcare.”

Elloitt said she is glad to be a part of DBW because it’s a great organization that promotes sisterhood and allows her to continuously help others through community service.