Growing from others

February 21, 2008

by Staci Parks

I believe that everyone I have encountered throughout my lifetime has helped create the imprints of who I will become. Every single person that enters into our lives – no matter how long or how short their duration may be – shapes our thoughts, beliefs, stances on certain issues and our overall outlook on life.

It’s an ironic and strange thing: I’ve invested a lot of time thinking about what I would place in this space as my last, final column as editor. What would I say? How would I choose to reflect on my time here?
Short phrases, distinct memories, comments my fellow Tech Talkers have made: Over the past few months, I have quickly scribbled down all these things as they have entered my mind as if I feared losing these snippets of my memory forever.

Faces, voices, certain circumstances all flood my mind as I sit here looking out into the busy whirlwind that is The Tech Talk office on a Monday morning. Throughout my tenure as a part of this staff, I have had the privilege of working with my classmates – not just sitting next to them in a stuffy classroom; Tech Talk has forged friendships and opened doors for me. I’ve had the opportunity to know people I probably wouldn’t have known.

Sometimes I find myself becoming so caught up in my “getting things done” mode that I forget to cherish and fully appreciate the people around me.

Sitting here now, I realize that I will miss Becka calling me several times a day about small things; she always wants to get everything just right and I love that about her. I’ll miss Kristin tiredly plopping down on the bench in front of my desk while eagerly waiting to tell me about the latest gossip circulating at her internship at KTVE or to update me on the job search. I’ll miss Justin’s encouraging comments and wonderful attitude.

Although there are many things I’ll miss, I know that there are so many more things that I’ll never forget. I know that I’ll never forget Mary and Lydia’s distinctive giggles and laughs, Ms. Flo’s sweet demeanor and smile, and Jess’s random bursts of “Oh shit.” I’ll never forget KC’s comic cynicism, quick comebacks and just talking to him about life; he’s purely amazing.

Also, I will never forget the love, support, friendship and guidance that the remarkable people that make up this department and staff have shown me over the past year and a half. Because of them and the influence they have had on my life, being a part of The Tech Talk staff has helped to shape my college career. Reminiscing coming to an end, all I can say is that I hope everyone has the chance – at least once in their lives – to work with, cherish and get to know those around them like I have.

Staci Parks is a junior journalism major from Slapout, Ala. who serves as editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to slp025@latech.edu.