Ladies take lead at BCM

April 30, 2009

by Tina Marie Alvarenga

TWIRP week, which stands for “The Woman Is Required to Pay,” was hosted by Baptist Collegiate Ministry April 21-25.

Amanda LaBorde, a member of the BCM Outreach Team and a junior medical technology major, said TWIRP is a community building event to get people acquainted with each other and have fun while fellowshipping.

“It’s also a break for the guys because the woman is required to pay,” she said.
“The students enjoy it so much because there are so many different events and it is always fun to see who is going to ask who.”

LaBorde said TWIRP week includes an activity for each day of the week.

“On Fridays we always do a big dance which consists of a theme, and on Saturday we have our picnic and fellowship in the park,” she said. “The Monday before, we get all the girls together to decorate cups or some kind of gift for each of our dates; like how a guy would bring flowers, we bring cups.”

LaBorde said the purpose of the week of activities is to get know one another and build friendships.

“The point of TWIRP is not necessarily to date,” she said. “It is to get together with some friends and bring in some new people. It’s about making memories.”

Marcie Nelson, a sophomore English major, said she sees TWIRP week as an outreach program to students outside of BCM.

“It’s a great chance for us, as a college ministry, to enjoy fellowship, not only with those already associated with the BCM, but others outside of the four walls of our building,” she said.

Nelson said although the woman is required to pay, most events are usually free.

“It’s a great break away from the usual tradition of men taking the initiative,” she said. “I think our students enjoy it just because it’s out of the ordinary, and they are always guaranteed a week of fun and, often times, random events.”

Nelson also said the students participated in an on-campus scavenger hunt.

“I was a manager at a station for the race, and from what I could see, everyone was having a blast,” she said.
“It was also fun to hear some of the off-the-wall answers to the trivia questions we asked them.”
Nelson said it is not like a high school event.

“It’s not your everyday Sadie Hawkins,” she said. “It’s a way for us to encourage people to spend real time together, but in a fun way.”

Kara Lee Carraway, a sophomore family and child studies major, said BCM hosts TWIRP week to let the guys relax.

“It’s hosted for the general purpose of showing the guys how much we appreciate what they do for us every week,” she said.
LaBorde said there are many people willing to get out and have fun and build real, genuine relationships with others.

She said, “The BCM is out to make a difference on this campus. We are here to reach, connect and strengthen the relationships between people.”