Summer blockbusters show promise, action

May 15, 2009

by Casey Ardoin

While the lackluster economy might have affected the number of 2009’s blockbusters, the whittled down lineup looks to entice audiences this summer.

First up is “Terminator Salvation,” the fourth installment in the popular man vs. machine series, opening May 21.

Christian Bale picks up the role of an adult John Conner faced with the challenge of defending mankind against Skynet’s plan to eliminate the remainder of the human race.

Aussie TV star Sam Worthington joins Bale as Marcus Wright, a mysterious stranger who must help Conner strike back at Skynet. McG (Charlie’s Angels) directs this sci-fi action thriller that’s sure to provide a big bang for your buck.

Take a break from the action with “The Hangover,” a rambunctious comedy from Old School director Todd Phillips.

Bradley Cooper (Yes Man) stars as a Phil Wenneck, a rowdy groomsman who throws his buddy a Vegas bachelor party blowout.

But when the groom goes missing the morning after, hilarity ensues as the wedding party searches for their soon-to-be-wed friend.

Don’t miss what promises to be a comical cameo by Mike Tyson and a scene complete with a tiger and six-month-old baby. “The Hangover” opens June 5.

Focus switches back on the summer sequel June 24, with Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

Most of the original cast returns as the Decepticons come back to Earth to kidnap Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf) and revive their fallen leader, Megatron.

In what appears to be a darker version of the first episode, the Autobots and Optimus Prime must once again battle their foes to ensure peace.

The drama genre heats up with the action-thriller “Public Enemies,” based on the true story of the FBI’s hunt for America’s first Public Enemy No. 1, legendary 1920s bank robber John Dillinger (Johnny Depp).

Dillinger’s charm partnered with the American public’s distrust of the banking system during the Depression era caused his popularity to soar despite his crimes.
Christian Bale, Billy Crudup and Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard join Depp as an all-star cast that’s sure to impress when the film opens July 1.

Rounding out the summer blockbuster season is the much-anticipated return of the wizarding world in “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” opening July 15. Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint return as Harry Potter and the gang head back to Hogwarts for another year of schooling. In the sixth installment of film series based on the popular J.K. Rowling novels, Potter learns the key to victory might lie in the dark past of a young Voldemort, and as his mentor Dumbledore prepares him for the finale battle looming not far ahead in the future, Potter must face his own demons and overcome tragedy to fulfill his destiny.