Union Board ends big with Spring Bash

May 15, 2009

by Maggie Bullock

Around 200 students filled the Student Center, Main Floor with a night of dancing for Union Board’s last event of the year, the Spring Bash.

Stephen Lynch, production manager for Union Board and a junior business management major, said the turnout is always excellent for their end of the year dance parties.

“We wanted to throw a big party with lots of lights and lots of dancing,” Lynch said. “This is Union Board’s way of celebrating a great year and getting ready for the next.”

Lynch said Union Board plans on holding the event next year.

“If we take away an event [the students] like it defeats the purpose of Union Board,” Lynch said.

He also said there is always room for improvement in their events.

“There can always be more publicity and more activities [for students] at the planned events,” Lynch said.

“We are always open for suggestions.”
Keshia Williams, a sophomore biology major, said this was her first time to attend the Spring Bash.

“The music, food and decorations were good and there were a lot of people there I knew,” Williams said. “I would most definitely come out next year.”
Williams said she would encourage other students to check out the Bash next year as well.

“Everyone should come to take a breather, just an hour of [their] time and come have fun,” Williams said.

She also said she agreed more publicity for the event would be a major improvement on attendance.

“I just found out about it the day it was happening and I know more people would have come if they knew about it,” Williams said.

Ashley Jackson, a co-committee head for Union Board and a senior elementary education major, said the event was sad for her personally because it was her final Union Board event.

“Since it is my last one, it is nice to have a [dance] party to let loose and have a good time,” Jackson said.

Jackson said she could notice the other students were having a good time as well.

“[Students] were a lot more engaged at this event than others, because most were dancing so much they would leave dripping sweat,” Jackson said.
“It’s nice to know that [students] can still dance and have a good time without alcohol.”

She also said this was the perfect time to throw the dance party.

“We planned it during the last week before finals and before everyone has to buckle down and cram,” Jackson said.
“It is the perfect stress reliever.”