From the sports desk: As your favorite sports writer closes the curtain on the sports page, he opens it again on page two

November 6, 2008

by Justin Phillips

Well Tech Talk faithful, I realized something negative about my love for sports Tuesday night after I made it home after a long day of school and work. I decided to flop down on the couch for a long overdue rest to watch the Boston Celtics and the Houston Rockets play.

I couldn’t really enjoy the game for some reason.

My phone kept ringing as friends were constantly texting me to ask if I was watching CNN.

“Why the hell would I watch CNN if some primetime basketball is on,” I asked each person. “I figured you would know me better than that.”

So, I put my phone on silent for the rest of the game and continued watching that guy from He Got Game torch the Rockets. (I didn’t know he was an athlete as well as a phenomenal actor.)

As I sat there enjoying another night of NBA basketball, I had this growing feeling that I was missing something.

I kept feeling like there was some competition going on I was not aware of. Like there was something I was forgetting to keep track of …like a race of some sort.
After the Celtics beat the re-vamped Rockets, 103-99, I decided to turn it to CNN.

I was hoping to find the score of the game scroll by on the marquee on the bottom of the screen, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the results of another race.
Obama 338-McCain 162.

“Well, I’ll be damned. This is awesome,” I thought as I saw the election results immediately followed by the score from the basketball games taking place around the league that night.

“They got those scores up there pretty damn fast…and we have our first African American president,” I said aloud to myself.

The results got me to thinking about all of the possibilities the world has to offer, not just in politics, but in life.

If a nation currently divided down the middle about more economic, cultural and military-based issues than can be counted can come together enough to elect a black president, anything is possible.

Scenario number one:
Louisiana Tech will finally move from the Western Athletic Conference to the South Eastern Conference in one of the biggest college football shake-ups in history. Ruston will become the largest city in the state followed closely by Grambling.

LSU players will begin trying to transfer to Tech only to be met with a swift Chuck Norris-esque round-house from our Tech president/ athletics director/ head football coach/ head women’s volleyball coach/ head cafeteria worker Derek Dooley as they enter the football field house looking for the coach’s office.

Scenario number two:
Louisiana Tech will add another popular fast food place besides Chick-fil-A and Burger King into the Student Center. They will add ANYTHING else.

As a student or alumnus, name anything and that will be an improvement. Seriously, it will. Even Wendy’s would be a nice change as long as the burgers come with a Mylanta-laced fountain drink.

Scenario three: GTM and Wyly Tower’s computer labs will receive new industrial strength printers allowing the hundreds of students in each lab late at night to print as many things as they want as often as they want with an unbelievable efficiency.

The only problem will be when the massive amounts of paper shot out of the printer at such an alarming rate, students are forced to dive for cover to avoid sustaining life-threatening paper cuts.

In conclusion while setting all of the jokes aside, Tuesday night was a monumental day for American politics, but today is even more important in the grand scheme of things.

“What is today,” you asked?
Well sports fans, this is my last column for sports for the year.

In the Tech Talk chain of command, a new editor-in-chief is selected each quarter and luckily enough for your favorite slacker, I was promoted to the top spot.

I had fun with you guys and gals that actually take time to read my ramblings.
I’ve grown up with the added responsibility and I’ve learned more about what it means to be a Tech fan over the past year and a half doing this sports page than I ever have before in my life. Don’t fret people, maybe I’ll get to circle the wagon like the Buffalo Bills and spend one last quarter on the page after my stint as the boss.

All I ask of you is to make sure to still keep reading the columns, keep checking out the features and continue to support the press here on campus.

Just remember…change is a good thing.