In our opinion: Energy shift could mean boost for Louisiana

May 15, 2009

by In our opinion: Energy shift could mean boost for Louisiana

Legendary Texas oil and gas executive T. Boone Pickens launched a plan in July 2008 to eliminate the United States’ dependency on foreign oil imports.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration, the United States imported 68 percent of its oil, or 375 million barrels in April 2009 alone.

These imports sent approximately $18.6 billion overseas to foreign government. That is $430,524 per minute.

The Pickens Plan is a detailed solution to end the United States’ growing dependency on foreign oil.

Pickens said America was spending approximately $700 billion on foreign oil in 2008, which he calls the “greatest transfer of wealth in human history.”

Pickens said his No. 1 reason for striving to reduce the United States’ dependency on foreign oil is national security.

“The Tech Talk” agrees with Pickens that sending billions of dollars to foreign governments is not a safe decision.

Not only is the United States helping to fund possible security threats, but it is also wasting money that could be used to improve these measures at home.

Obviously Americans will need some kind of energy source to continue daily tasks, so the Pickens Plan outlines ways to convert energy dependency to sources that can be found within the United States.

Pickens proposes natural gas, solar and wind power to replace oil sources.
These resources can be found in abundance in the United States.

Additionally, natural gas is especially abundant in Northern Louisiana, especially in the Haynesville Shale area.

Natural gas will play a major part in the shift from foreign oil imports.

This is because it has a wide range of uses, including fueling vehicles.

With the endorsement of board member Pickens, EXCO Resources, Inc. unveiled a natural gas filling station in Jackson Parish last Friday.

This station will be used to fuel EXCO vehicles rather than gasoline or diesel.

It is important not only for the United States to reduce foreign oil dependency, but also to take advantage of the resources found abundantly above and below its own soil.

If the United States can eliminate foreign oil dependency, this can lead to Louisiana becoming a major supplier of energy for the country.

The shift in energy sources would be a huge boost for the state by creating jobs and by bringing in additional revenue.

Pickens encourages Americans to get involved with his plan to reduce the United States’ dependency on foreign oil by visiting his Web site, www.pickensplan.org.