Modern musings: Organizations help leave legacy

November 6, 2008

by Staci Parks

Involvement, dedication and passion: three words that easily describe what most organizations continually strive to achieve. These groups help us develop who we are through giving us insight into ourselves we may have not been aware of initially.

Organizations we choose to be part of say something about us, our character. They serve as an outlet for our pastimes or professional endeavors, constantly bringing people with similar goals together.

With over 100 student organizations active on campus, Tech offers several options for involvement. And among the 100-or-so groups in existence, there are two that have energetically made themselves available to the Tech community.

The College Democrats: Whether or not your political beliefs match up with theirs, you’re required to have a certain level of respect for these young men and women. I’ve never seen a group so dedicated to promoting a unified purpose: spreading knowledge about the democratic process.

These students are both politically passionate and intellectually equipped. Throughout fall quarter they have organized voter registration drives, one which boasted over 200 registrations, hosted viewing parties for the debates and also quickly organized and promoted a rally for Sen. Barack Obama on campus. The dedication and passion that fuels this group is rare and easily sets them apart from the rest.

The Band of Pride: Gearing up at 8 a.m. on game days and refusing to wind down until the final whistle blows, the Band of Pride is the living, thriving embodiment of the true Tech spirit. Led by the incredibly understanding and enthusiastic Jim Robken, they are the heart of school tradition.

Having had the privilege of being a member of this organization for three years, I know the work these students put into their craft. Now, as an alumna of the group, I’m able to fully see and appreciate the impact this group has on all aspects of the campus.
Like many other members, the Band of Pride eased my transition from high school to the university setting and, along the way, allowed me to leave my mark on Tech.

The Band of Pride is unique. You won’t find a racial divide among these students, and discriminating one because of his or her sexual orientation is not tolerated. They are all extremely supportive of one another and refuse to let anyone or anything deter them from doing just that.

Many of Tech’s 100-plus organizations can easily be placed into categories similar to that of the College Democrats and the Band of Pride. It’s important to be a part of something greater than yourself, to lend your time to a greater purpose, whether it’s religious or academic, social or philanthropic.

Organizations help us make the most of our college years, essentially leaving our imprint on Tech, our legacy.

Staci Parks is a senior journalism and English major from Slapout, Ala., who serves as contributing editor for The Tech Talk. E-mail comments to slp025@latech.edu.