Acrobats, Plastik act entertain students with boomwackers

December 15, 2010

by Mary Timmons, Staff Reporter

Union Board kicked off winter quarter Dec. 7 by welcoming students back with a free performance in Howard Auditorium, Center for the Performing Arts. 

Jumpin’ Sports Dance Crew, a professional jump rope team from Houston, presented a spectacle of acrobatics and choreography, even inviting students on stage to help with demonstrations. Following Jumpin’ Sports Dance Crew, Plastic Musik, a percussion group, played a variety of music using only plastic instruments. 

 Wes Brantley, a member of UB, said he was satisfied with the groups’ performances.

“We took a big chance by picking these groups, and everything worked out in our benefit because people seemed to enjoy the show,” said Brantley, a senior marketing major.

Manuel Rivera, a senior computer information systems major, said he attended the show because, as a percussionist, he is a fan of Plastic Musik.

“I was stoked that Union Board got them to play at Tech, and I also wanted to see what the jumping rope crew was all about since I’ve never seen them before,” Rivera said. “My favorite part of the show was when Plastic Musik played ‘Flight of the Bumblebee.’ I’ve been watching them online, and that is my favorite piece they played.”

After their performance, the members of Plastic Musik encouraged students to ask questions and request songs for the band to learn. 

Andy Burnette, a member of the band for seven years, said the band has been touring at different colleges since August. 

“We had a blast performing,” Burnette said. “It turned out really well, and the atmosphere was great.”

In their laid-back style, members of the band sat with students after their performance and discussed their unique use of plastic tubes called boomwackers. 

“The Plastic Musik guys are really cool and down to earth,” Rivera said. “They were willing to meet, sign autographs and take pictures with everyone there. Also, another favorite part was getting an autographed boomwacker from them for my birthday.”

Members of the group also spoke of their originality and what encouraged them to put the band together.

Josh Meadows, a member of Plastic Musik, said STOMP, the avant-garde performers who utilize percussion, inspired him to perform as a percussionist. 

“I enjoy it every time,” Meadow said. “There is nothing like being on stage and performing in front of an audience.”

Rivera hopes the groups will make return appearances.

“I definitely think the groups should come back to Tech,” Rivera said. “I think now that a handful of students have seen the show they’ll tell their friends about it to the extent that it would have to be held in the Thomas Assembly Center next time.”

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