It’s Homecoming week

October 31, 2008

by Casey Ardoin

Last week the student body chose 14 of their peers to represent Tech on this year’s Homecoming Court.

The queen and top escort will be announced tomorrow during a pep rally at 9 p.m. in Memorial Gym.

Cole Napper, a Homecoming Court escort and a senior psychology major, was nominated to the court by his fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha.

He said getting involved on campus was a big part of his nomination to the court.

“I think it’s important because being plugged in is the best way to really enjoy the college experience regardless of what organization you are in,” Napper said. “It gives you that close-knit group of friends that you will have for the rest of your life.”

He also said being named to Homecoming Court was something he had always dreamed of.

“I always went to Tech football games growing up, and the people on Homecoming Court always seemed to be the imaginary [or] unachievable people that I could never be,” Napper said. “Now that I’m at Tech [and] it’s happening, it seems almost unreal, but it’s a good feeling.”

Katie Cooper, another court member and a senior human resources management major, said being picked was a long process.

“We were nominated by an organization, [then] we filled out an application with our Tech activities and achievements [and] work and volunteering experience,” she said.
“After that, a reviewing committee looked over our applications and scored them based on a points-per-activity basis.”

Cooper said the 25 students who scored the most points were called back for an interview with a panel of three faculty members, and out of those 12 were chosen to be placed on the ballot.

Allison Reynolds, a junior political science and speech communication smajor, was nominated by Student Government Association.
She said she hopes her involvement with the Homecoming Court will inspire other students.

“If anything, I hope that the blessing of being able to be on Homecoming Court will show students that I am just like them,” Reynolds said. “From this experience I’ve realized that college is what you make of it, and it is your choice as to what you want to accomplish and the goals you would like to achieve.”

She also encouraged students to get involved no matter who they are.

“I want people to understand that you do not have to be the prettiest, smartest, best, etc.,” Reynolds said. “Just be yourself and let people fall in love for who you are the values and ideals you try to portray.”

Tyler Landry, a senior psychology major who was also nominated by SGA, agreed with Reynolds, saying being involved in campus activities is a big part of the college experience.

“I think that it is important for students to get involved on campus to learn lessons that can’t be taught in the classroom,” he said.
“I think involvement in student organizations allows students to grow and develop the skills that will last them the rest of their lives.”

Landry also said it was an honor to represent Tech on the court.

“Just being nominated by an organization to put in an application is gratifying,” Landry said.
“It’s rewarding to know that my time and involvement at Tech is appreciated by my peers.”