Omega Tau Pi offers students positive view on life choices

October 28, 2010

by Mary Timmons

Tech’s Omega Tau Pi (QTPi) service sorority held Choices Week Oct.18-24 to inform students about better life choices through hosting daily events on campus.

QTPi holds a weeklong event twice a year aimed at enhancing the community and campus through different events centered around a particular theme.

Skyler Breaux, president of QTPi, said the events were open to students with an interest in giving support to the sorority.

“We don’t always have a Choices Week, but we always attempt to have a QTPi week,” Breaux said. “That allows us to service our community as well as the campus.”

Britney Kelly, a sophomore kinesiology major, said the QTPi host a week of events that focus both on community service and sisterhood development.

“At some events we had more people than others. We were pleased with the turnout, but more people are always welcome to join us for our future events,” Kelly said.

Choices Week started Oct. 18 with a “Healthy Choice” meeting where attendees were given advice on staying healthy and health benefits.

Oct. 19 during the “Freedom is a Privilege NOT a Choice” event students were given the chance to support the troops by writing letters.

Breaux said the letter writing event had the largest show of support as more people participated in the letter writing to the soldiers.

LaScott Ellis, a junior psychology major, said he took part in writing letters for the troops because it is a student’s responsibility to support good causes on campus.

“I like it when any organization is taking an active role on campus,” Ellis said. “I participated because it was introduced to me beforehand and not thrown together late.”

Because the sorority is currently accepting applications for new members, all female students interested in joining QTPi had the opportunity to attend “Make the RIGHT Choice,” an informational meeting about the sorority Oct. 20.

QTPi held “Serving…Pass It On,” a South Campus clean up Oct.21 to keep the campus looking

“Cute Cakes,” the Cutie Pie bake sale, was held Oct. 22 as a fundraiser the sorority.

Oct. 23 QTPi invited the sorority sisters to the “Sisters by Choice, yet a great part of me” event, for bowling at the Maxie Lambright Intramural Center. Choices Week closed Oct. 24 with “The Choice is Yours” for all who were interested in attending services at New Living Word Ministries.

Kelly, treasurer for QTPi, said there are plans to hold more events in the future.

“We will do another week in the spring, possibly even the winter, but it will be called something different. We have not, as a group, talked about making ‘choices’ a yearly theme,” Kelly said. “We are known as a community service oriented group dedicated to serving our campus and community.”

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