102, A Bistro gets four paws out of five

June 29, 2009

by Angela Groce

For the lack of various and eclectic restaurants in Ruston, one has finally arrived that meets the needs for new, flavorful foods and accommodates the needs of any age in “peach town.”

The brand new restaurant, 102 A Bistro, which opened in May inside an architecturally Southern style building in the center of downtown Ruston, has certainly brought a new buzz amongst Rustonians and some great eats, too.

General Manager Mike Foster, who hails from a position working with Chef Emeril in New Orleans, has brought the flare and flavor of Louisiana cuisine to shake things up in Ruston.

The restaurant offers a different atmosphere unbeknownst to any other restaurants in Ruston. The white linen tablecloths and formal dinner settings indulge guests from the world of Ruston to the world of fine dining. The high warehouse ceilings and surrounding brick walls make the dining experience intimate and cozy for guests.

Executive Chef Cory Bahr brought a unique menu adding well-known Louisiana dishes as well as a variety of culturally diverse foods.

For lunch, the bistro offers appetizers such as lemon bread, crab and brie fondue, and a variety of soups which can be filling on their own. It is a little pricy, but perfect for a first lunch date or business meeting.

There are also salads from baby spinach, tuna, buffalo mozzarella and grilled chicken which range from $5 to around $12.

Sandwiches and Po Boys are served with a choice of fruit, pasta salad or fries. The sandwiches are around the $8-10 mark, but are a light and satisfying meal for any person.

The entrees are the highlight of the menu at lunch and can make anyone savor and swoon over. Then the entree of roasted chicken and penne, with tasso and basi,l was full of the right amount of flavor and incredible sauce for a truly incredible meal.

Other entrees range from rib-eyes and seafood to the old school favorite, the hamburger. The prices are a little steep for college kids for just a lunch meal, but if you are willing to splurge, you will certainly get your money’s worth.

If you are looking for a romantic rendezvous in Ruston, then 102 A Bistro is the perfect place for dinner and a fun time.

The dinner menu includes more than the lunch and the prices are higher, ranging from $20 to $25 for the entrees. The salads and appetizers are around the same prices as the lunch.

A great entree to try is the braised Colorado lamb osso bucco, which is moist and succulent with flavor.

Now something college students have been asking for in Ruston is sushi. Instead of traveling to Shreveport or Monroe for sushi, we have some in our own backyard now.

Sushi costs around $7 to $10 for Maki. The California is especially rich and tasteful.

The house special Maki includes spicy crab, cucumber, and avocado from $12 to $15.

The 102 A Bistro is a breath of fresh air to the normal and regular restaurants in Ruston. It offers a relaxing world away in a quiet little brick building in Downtown Ruston.

The bistro gets a rating of four Bulldog paws out of five.