FROM THE SPORTS DESK: Black and gold Superbowl

January 28, 2010

by Kevin Sims

I woke up Monday morning to a hangover, a Mohawk hair cut and the most amazing feeling…
The Saints are going to the Super Bowl.

Since becoming a franchise in 1967, the Saints have infected the Who Dat Nation with a type of cynicism that can only be described as uncontrollable rage, sprinkled with tiny drops of happiness rolled up in a thick layer of despair. For as long as I can remember, the Saints have been the laughing stock of the NFL.

We are the franchise whose first round pick in 1999 was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing a wedding dress.

In 2003, the “River City Relay” was voted the NFL play of the year, which involved a completed pass by quarterback Aaron Brooks and four laterals to give the Saints a chance to tie the game and make it to the playoffs. Saints’ fans only remember the suicidal feeling as we watched the John Carney extra point sail wide right.

For God’s sake, Saints fans will always be remembered for wearing paper bags over our heads during home games.

I could spend the rest of my life remembering all the times the Saints have made me question my fandom, but I am willing to live an eternity of letdown after feeling the pure ecstasy watching the my boys march of the field as NFC champs.

The Saints are going to the Super Bowl.

I can only remember bits and pieces of the victory celebration at my apartment. I was in full crocodile tears, screaming and beating the walls and inflicting bruises on the 10 unlucky friends who showed up for the game.

Apparently in a fit of pure enjoyment, I tackled a friend and slammed his head against the wall, bit another friend multiple times, punched a hole in a door and made out with every girl that came within arm’s length. We spent at least an hour on my balcony screaming “Who Dat” at everyone who passed.

I called my oldest brother, who spent 15 years more than me bleeding Black and Gold, and we screamed at each other about what just happened.

I talked to a buddy of mine, one that I haven’t been on speaking terms with for the past two months, and reconnected through the unbreakable bond that will always keep us connected.

The Saints are going to the Super Bowl.

Everyone at my apartment celebrated in a different way. One girl’s cell phone erupted in an hour stream of around 40 text messages received and 20 missed phone calls while she was pouncing on everyone who passed.

The guy to whom I previously gave a small concussion to was still coherent enough to cry tears of joy while talking to his mom on the phone. There were chest bumps, man hugs and violation of personal space enough to make any old time Saints fan proud.

The victory punch, a mixture of every liquid left on my bar, turned out to be outstanding.

The Saints are going to the Super Bowl.

The culmination of the celebration was when my friends reminded me of a promise I made six Cuba Libres in the past, which I would shave my head in a Mohawk and sport it till Feb. 7.

So I woke up this morning to a hangover, a Mohawk and one amazing feeling…

The Saints are going to the Super Bowl.

Kevin Sims is a senior journalism major who has served previously on The Tech Talk as sports editor. Kevin was the contributing columnist for this week’s paper. Email comments or suggestions to Kevin at kvs004@latech.edu