SGA partners with Ruston for recycling

November 4, 2010

by Zach Beaird, Staff Reporter

The SGA collected paper donations on campus Oct. 28-29 for Operation Paper Recycling, a community recycling project held Oct. 30 at the Historic Fire Station on 200 E. Mississippi Ave.

The on-campus paper collection was part of the SGA’s effort to help the community in reinstating a recycling program in Lincoln Parish.

Rachel Ledbetter, a sophomore pre-law major, said the SGA’s goal is to see recycling return to campus as well as the community.

“There used to be Trailblazer recycling bins on campus and in the community, but now they’re gone,” Ledbetter said. “What we want is to get recycling back in the community and see Lincoln Parish recycling again.”

Morgan Broussard, a sophomore marketing major, wrote and passed a resolution for the SGA stating that Tech is in support of recycling efforts in the community.

“We’re not starting a recycling movement, but we are supporting members of the community who have plans for it,” Broussard said. “We attend city and police jury meetings and are getting involved in programs such as Recycle, Lincoln Parish and Keep Ruston Beautiful.”

She said Tech getting involved in these programs in the community is helpful because of the large number of students on campus.

“Tech’s student body is a huge part of this community,” Broussard said. “They want our support because of the amount of help we can provide in this effort.”

Though there was not an exact number for the amount of paper given at the event, Ledbetter said the SGA brought a car, the bed of a truck and a large trash barrel full of paper to give for recycling.

Broussard said she was surprised by the amount of paper contributed around campus because the SGA was not informed about the event until four days before.

“We didn’t have much time to collect paper for this event, but the turn-out was impressive,” Broussard said, “In only two days we received contributions from departments and organizations including: Bogard Hall, the BCM, the printing labs, the athletic department, the Tech Talk and the Prescott Memorial Library.”

She also said the SGA received many e-mails from faculty and staff unable to contribute due to the late announcement voicing support for the SGA’s efforts and their plans to help in future events.

In addition to Operation Paper Recycling, Ledbetter said the community is also planning a paper, cardboard and plastic drive in December.

“Since we know about the next drive so far in advance we plan to spend much more time promoting and collecting for the event that way Tech will have a much larger contribution next time,” Ledbetter said. “We’re also planning an ‘eco-week’ during spring that will, hopefully, gain much support around campus in these recycling efforts.”

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