Questions raised from SGA budget approval

November 4, 2010

by Kelly Belton, News Editor

The Student Government Association approved an $18,000 budget for winter quarter 2010-11 Tuesday night after a debate over an item regarding Tech’s mascot, Tech XX.

As SGA treasurer Casey Roper presented the budget for next quarter, questions arose over what item “wagon project” is and why $850 had been allocated for it.

SGA campus director of activities Bryan Babcock explained the project will involve either buying or building an SGA-sponsored wagon for bulldog Tech XX to ride in at any appearances he makes.

Supporter of the project and graduate senator Tyler Sipes rebutted those opposed by saying the dog’s health problems were a legitimate reason for the item to be on the budget.

“The reason this project is important is because Tech XIX had back problems. He had all these surgeries,” he said. “We want Tech XX to last a lot longer. So, if he can have something he can ride around in instead of walking all the time, his health will be sustained for a longer period of time.”

As the issue still faced criticism from members as many wondered why the wagon was so expensive, Roper suggested they strike the item from the budget and consider it at a later date. He said if members want to bring the item back up and the cost is more than $300, it will need to be approved by the senate.

However, the motion to strike the item failed and the budget was voted on and approved as is.

Vice president Bridget Watts said just because $850 is allocated to the item, that does not mean it will necessarily be all used. She said any remaining money would go back into the budget.

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