Counseling services gets green light for reaccreditation

December 18, 2008

by Maggie Bullock

The International Association of Counseling Services (IACS) re-accredited Tech Counseling Services last month, making them one of six university counseling services in the state to have an accreditation.

Ron Cathey, director of counseling services, said he was very pleased when he received the letter saying the counseling services had been re-accredited.

“It’s encouraging and it shows that we’re doing something right because somebody from the outside looked objectively at [our] services,” Cathey said. “Compared to other universities, our counseling services rank among the best.”

Cathey said a site visitor from New Mexico State University came to evaluate Tech’s counseling services.

“When they visit, they look at [counseling services’] roles and functions, service personnel, the facility and many other things,” Cathey said. “Recommendations help people do better and we take those to heart.”

Cathey also said they are already working to improve the Counseling Center.

“We will spend $5,000 on the new waiting room,” Cathey said. “Our mission is to help students and if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be here.”

Robert Burt, assistant director of counseling services, said they have been an accredited service since 1992 and have to go through the process every three years.

“There was a lot of paperwork involved and we had to submit a report to IACS,” Burt said. “Then the site visitor met with the Tech police, students, Residential Life Office, Tech President Dan Reneau, among others, and wrote a report on what he saw.”

Burt also said this whole process took about a year to complete in order to receive their re-accreditation.

“All our efforts to prepare for re-accreditation were rewarded,” Burt said. “It is a great honor to be a part of this prestigious organization.”

Megan Procido, a student worker for counseling services and a junior biology major, said the Counseling Center has a lot of programs that can be beneficial to students.

“Mr. Cathey knows what he’s doing, and Mr. Burt has been here the longest, so it was a major accomplishment when we got re-accredited, but not really a surprise,” Procido said.

Jim King, vice president for student affairs, said the counseling services staff has worked very hard and the re-accreditation is just a verification of the effort.

“They are constantly seeking to improve [their center],” King said. “And we definitely have a great group of professionals that have a drive to help students.”

Meg Dupre’, a student worker for the counseling center and a junior medical technology major, said it is an accomplishment to be re-accredited.

“It is very honorable because we are one of six schools that are accredited,” Dupre’ said. “Maybe that fact will draw [the students] to the university.”