MUSIC REVIEW: Solider of Love

February 3, 2010

by Eboni Jaggers

My first memories of Sade can be traced back to the early years of my childhood, prancing around my mother’s apartment in my plastic costume wear high heels.

I was a 30-year-old in a 6-year-old’s body who wanted nothing more than to emulate my mom’s every move, and that included listening to her preferred style of music.

None of those sounds stuck out to me as much as that of the English-based alternative, soul, jazz group Sade.

Now, almost two decades later, the group’s sound resonates with me now more than ever.
With the upcoming Feb. 9 release of its sixth studio album, “Soldier of Love,” the group has the chance to tackle an entire new generation of fans.

For almost three decades the band has seduced its listeners with melodic beats and lyrics that take listeners on an emotional trip that transcends through time.

Sade’s new CD, “Soldier of Love” is no different.

The voice of the group’s lead singer, Sade Adu, remains unchanged, as it is still as hauntingly beautiful as in the days of the band’s 1984 debut album “Diamond Life.”

At age 50 Adu still has the vocal capability to belt out 10 tracks on the group’s latest effort that all seem to flawlessly flow together.

The title track, “Soldier of Love,” proves to listeners that love has the power to conquer all, from pain, to tragedy and confusion.

Through the release of the album’s title track, the project, which is the groups first release in 10 years, is already making headlines, and has become the unofficial anthem for the final season of the ABC drama, “Lost.”

The album will not disappoint true Sade fans as even in 2010 the group refuses to stray away from the classic sound fans have longed to hear more of since the band dropped “Lover’s Rock” in 2000.

The new album tells a story, the story of love lost and the journey to recovery.

From track to track listeners are enthralled to find the sunshine that lingers at the end of all despair.

And though the tone of the album may seem like all love is lost, Sade assures us on “Long Hard Road” that even through love’s emotional rollercoaster of trying times everything will turn out in the lover’s favor.

As the next track, “Be that Easy” sings to us the road to healing from pain won’t be that easy but in the end “love will light the sky.”

For as long as I can remember, Sade has entertained audiences with something until introduced to it, I had never heard before.

Something that is just as sad as it is beautiful. Something so powerful that it lingers in the listener’s soul long after the songs end.

I have waited for “Soldier of Love” since I was 11 years old, and, take my word for it, it will not disappoint.

If you weren’t a Sade fan before this album’s release, then trust that the sound, the beauty and the mystery will make you a believer.