Bulldogs put up a tough fight in Boise

October 28, 2010

by Sarah Brown

Fourth down miscues and playing a nationally-ranked team dropped the Bulldogs to 3-5 with a final score of 49-20 Tuesday night at Bronco Stadium.

More than 32,000 fans came out to see the Broncos take on the Bulldogs on the Smurf turf. The game, which was nationally televised on ESPN2, was difficult for Bulldog fans to watch, but it should relieve Tech fans that it was not as big of a blowout as it could have been.

Boise State, who is coming off of a 48-0 win over San Jose State, slightly overlooked the Bulldogs’ rapidly growing offense. Though Boise State won, the Bulldogs put up a good fight, particularly in the first half.

The?Broncos struck first in the first few minutes of the game, but senior quarterback Ross Jenkins used his power arm to tack on Tech’s seven points that tied the game. Boise State retalliated with two extra touchdowns, bumping the score up to 21-7. With a halftime score of 28-7, the Bullodgs weren’t done with their dog fight.

Jenkins’ pass to senior wide receiver Phillip Livas in the first ticks of the third quarter added fuel to the fire, as the lead was cut 28-13. Though sophomore kicker Matt Nelson missed his extra point, the Bulldogs grew aggressive.

The following kick-off, the Broncos fumbled the ball, and Tech quickly recovered. The Bulldogs went down to the 9-yard line, but failure to convert on fourth down resulted in the Broncos receiving the ball yet again.

The Broncos drove 91 yards on eight plays before they struck again. The final 26 yards of the 91-yard drive were by Broncos’ running back Jeremy Avery, who faked a handoff in the wildcat formation, picked up the ball and ran it in for a touchdown, tacking on seven more Boise points.

A fumble by Tech senior running back Myke Compton on the kickoff allowed Boise to strike again. It took the Broncos six plays and 34 yards to up the score 42-13.

After fumbling yet again on kickoff, the Broncos set up a new scoring drive with hopes to place seven more points on the board. Though the Broncos are nearly flawless when it comes to interceptions, Tech’s sophomore linebacker Solomon Randle had plans otherwise.

Randle read the arms of Broncos’ quarterback Kellen Moore as he intercepted the football. It was Moore’s second pick of the season and Randle’s first of his college career.

The Bulldogs got down to the Broncos’ 2-yard line before two runs and two incomplete passes resulted in another failed fourth down conversion. The Broncos once again used a failed fourth down conversion to add more points.

Five plays later, the Broncos were up 49-13 in the fourth quarter. With 44 seconds left in the game, junior running back Lennon Creer scored a 25-yard touchdown run, finalizing the score 49-20.

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