Sisterhood Revealed

October 28, 2010

Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Chi Omega Sorority held their reveal during the chapter retreat at Camp Harris in Minden, Friday and Saturday. The reveal was a surprise for the new members. All of the little sisters were put into pairs and were given different letters of the alphabet which they were informed to try to piece together. The partners searched different areas of the camp and found their names labeled on the letters. Eventually, the letters spelled out the names of their big sisters. Each new member’s final destination was the stage in the camp auditorium where the big sisters and new families were revealed.

Kappa Delta

Kappa Delta Sorority brought their new members to Ruston High School’s  gymnasium Saturday to reveal their new families. The freshmen pledge class received their family jeresys at the Kappa Delta lodge, then followed balloons to the final reveal of their new big sisters. The girls followed clues the week prior to figure out who their new big sister might be and received gifts throughout the process. Many of the new families celebrated the reveal by going to lunch as a group.

Phi Mu

Phi Mu Sorority held their reveal Friday at the Temple Baptist Church. The new members came in on roller skates to find the family with which their shirts matched. Instead of a family jersey, each Phi Mu family went with a theme. Some themes were chips and salsa, chick and chicken and Phi and Mu. The little sisters came in on roller skates and searched for the matching set. Once united, the sorority’s sisters then spent the reveal skating and celebrating with their new families.

Sigma Kappa

Sigma Kappa Sorority brought their new members to Tech Farm for the reveal Sunday. The new members each had a small pumpkin with their names written on them. Then they were given the task of finding the larger matching pumpkins. Once arriving at the field with the large pumpkins, the girls discovered mounds of sheets with their new families hidden underneath. After every new member had located her family, the big sisters threw the sheets aside to reveal their identities.