Student vehicles vandalized

March 30, 2011

by Rebecca Spence, STAFF REPORTER

Students parked in the Mitchell Hall lot and the University Park apartments gravel lot looked out their windows Friday and received a crude message on almost every car.

Pictures and words were scrawled across windows in blue and green car paint on cars in each of these parking lots.

Tech police said the activities most likely took place sometime in the evening of March 24. Assistant Chief of Police Bill Davis said that there were racial, anti-semantic, sexual artworks and phrases mixed in with a few less derogatory words on the front, back and side windows of cars in these lots.

“Offensive is the best way to describe these drawings,” Davis said.

Laura Nichols, a junior business economics major, had plans for the day, but they did not include having window paint removed from her car.

“It is just inconvenient because I was going somewhere,” Nichols said. “I don’t have time to get my car washed right now.”

Davis said that a group of people this large has never been targeted in this manner on Tech’s campus during the time he has worked for Tech. These are the first racial and anti-semantic discriminations visually displayed in a widespread fashion.

In addition to the offensive material, different Greek organizations were referenced on some of the windshields. This caused confusion and anger in the Greek society whose members were participating in Tech’s annual Greek Week competitions during that week.

“Maybe someone who is not Greek feels left out because this week is all about being Greek,” said Celesta McGrew, a member of the Panhellenic Council and Sigma Kappa Sorority. “It makes me upset to see something like this happen on a week that is supposed to be about unity.”

Davis clarified that only about a quarter of the cars marked had Greek references on them. He believes that if there was a Greek symbol on the car that it simply gave the suspects something to write about. The suspects picked out something about the car’s physical characteristics to comment on if they did not have offensive material to write.

There was also reported action off campus at the Walgreens on California Ave. 2 cars were left in the parking lot over night and they were tagged with the same sorts of material seen in the lots on Tech’s campus. The manager of the Walgreens immediately had the two cars towed because of the offensive material written.

Tech police are still searching for the person or group of people held responsible for these actions. If you have any information on the acts of vandalism please contact the Tech police at 318-257-4018.

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