Harasser in Harper arrested

March 30, 2011

by Rebecca Spence, STAFF REPORTER

A 20-year-old male Grambling State University student was arrested for physically harassing a Tech female student, who was also a former girlfriend, in order to acquire her cell phone March 15 in Harper-Lee Hall.

Police held a warrant for Corey D. Taylor’s arrest; however, he surrendered himself March 28 to the Grambling State police.

He has been charged with simple robbery, simple battery and trespassing after being on probation for a prior crime committed outside of Tech’s campus.

Tech police said the female student did not require medical care, but she did leave the scene with minor contusions and what appeared to be fingernail scratches on her arms.

According to the police statement, Taylorwas said to be inquiring about the lack of contact between the victim and himself.

“We believe he wanted to check her calls log or text messages to see who she had been contacting,” Tech Police Chief Randal Hermes said.

This, however, was not the first time that Tech police heard about Taylor.

Toward the end of January, they got a call from a member in the victim’s family from Monroe stating that Taylor had been verbally harassing her at their home.

Assistant Chief Bill Davis talked to Taylor on the phone and informed him that he was not welcome on campus, and Taylor agreed to stop the harassment.

Nothing was reported until the recent incident in Harper March 15.

Taylor entered the residence hall through a door that was propped open with a cinderblock. He was waiting for the victim in the hall when she got off the elevator onto the fourth floor a few minutes later. Taylor then took the victim’s keys and led her to her room where inside he began asking for her phone and caused a disturbance. As the conversation became louder, her suitemate became aware of the situation.

Hermes said there was no violence or physical harassment at this time. Taylor was only verbally pressuring the student to surrender the phone.

Tech police reported that after failed attempts of ushering Taylor out of the building, the suitemate promptly alerted the resident assistant. The RA then escorted the victim, suitemate and Taylor to the lobby where she alerted another RA in the area.

Tech police also said that during this time, Taylor was said to have knocked the victim to the ground and began an attempt to attain her phone.

Tech police reported that physical force was used against the victim, and Taylor acquired the phone from the victim, then he fled Harper. The phone was returned the next day to the doorstep of the victim’s room.

Tech police was notified after the incident occurred.

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