February frostbite

February 25, 2010

by Emily LaFleur

Students brought out big coats, gloves and boots because winter weather was obviously not done frosting north Louisiana as six inches of snow covered the ground Feb. 11.

For the second time in two years students were able to build snowmen, have snowball fights and this year, get one and a half snow days off, nicely extending Mardi Gras break.

Jennifer Utley, a sophomore nutrition and dietetics major, said she loved the snowy weather which made for a fun-filled afternoon for many people.

“I was at work on Thursday and all of a sudden someone yelled ‘It’s snowing’ and then a stampede of people went to the windows,” she said. “A few of us went outside, and as the snow started to fall we stuck our tongues out to try to catch it.”

Utley said after work there was no longer any snowfall, but snow was everywhere.

“My car was covered in snow,” she said. “I grabbed enough to make a big snowball and threw it at a coworker.”

The snow had frozen on her car windshield, Utley said, which caused her to adjust her driving style temporarily.

“Just so happened my car’s defrost [mechanism] was broken,” she said.
“Therefore, I know you’re not supposed to, but I had to use water; thank goodness the water didn’t crack my windshield,” she said. “Also, I had to roll down the driver and passenger windows for a minute to clean the snow off because I was too cold to wipe it off with my hand.”

Utley said once she got home she was able to join her friends in a snowy escapade followed by a cup of hot chocolate.

“We went downtown by Railroad Park where we made snow angels, snowmen and ate snow like it was ice cream,” she said. “We did all those things you see in movies we never get to do in Louisiana.”

Tyler Sipes, a senior marketing major, said the extra couple of days off were fun and relaxing, especially since the winter quarter can be hectic.

“I’m surprised we got that much snow which stuck on the ground and school was canceled, because two years ago it snowed and school was not canceled,” he said.

Sipes said the snow definitely put a halt to his agenda.

“Originally, I was going to be studying because I had two tests on Friday; instead I to went hang out with a friend in Minden,” he said.
“It was good to have a long break. I know I was stressed because of tests and three group projects to work on Thursday and Friday.”

Bryan Babcock, a sophomore communication major, said he was caught off guard by the snowfall in Louisiana.

“I heard the forecast for snow but didn’t want to see snow at school because I was about to leave for Colorado for Mardi Gras break,” he said.

Babcock said even though he was about to see tons of snow he was glad to see a small glimpse in Ruston.

“I’ve heard stories of two years ago it snowing at Tech and how fun it was,” he said. “I wanted to experience that one day as well during my college days.”

Babcock said all in all, the only downfall with this year’s snowfall was missing school.”In all actuality when I found out school was canceled, I freaked out,” he said.

“I knew already I would be missing two days in Colorado; therefore, I was nervous and apprehensive for missing the two canceled snow days because I wanted to by on my A-game for finals.”