SoPA composes campus tour for juniors, seniors

January 29, 2009

by Samantha Horn

The School of Performing Arts hosted the 2009 College Visitation Day Tuesday for current high school juniors and seniors who are considering majoring in music at Tech.

Randy Sorensen, coordinator of music and assistant professor of music, said this is the fourth annual College Visitation Day.

He said the Visitation Day gives high school students who are interested in studying music in college a taste of what life as a Tech student is like.

“We wanted to make them aware of what Tech has to offer, and what they can do to prepare for college music study,” he said.

Sorensen said the idea for Visitation Day came from a desire to reach students with a strong interest in music as a career.

“The department of music started this day to provide students considering a career in music an opportunity to get a complete picture of life as a music student at Tech,” he said.

He said students were able to attend classes in music theory, history and careers.

Later, the prospective students were invited to rehearse with either the Band of Pride or Tech Choir.

Participants were also given a free ticket to the evening performance of “Hot Club of San Francisco.”

Sorensen said while the prospective students were on campus, the Office of Admissions also met with them to discuss the college application process and to give them a guided tour of campus.

Elise Endel, a junior music major, said she was unable to attend Visitation Day before starting at Tech, but she feels it would have helped her feel more comfortable during her first quarter.

“It helps for you to see beforehand what you are getting into,” she said. “It helps you feel welcome and feel like you are already in place, and it’s fun.”