Tech TV continues battling unscripted budget cut

January 29, 2009

by Maggie Bullock

Techtv organized an online survey last week to determine how many students viewed the channel in hopes that enough viewers tuned in to prevent the station from receiving budget cuts.

Cody Bryant, station manager for Techtv and a junior photography major, said he created the survey on his own.

“The campus needs to make cuts in housing, and since Techtv is a part of housing it could be an option,” Bryant said. “If they decide to make a cut in any way I will have a backup.”

Bryant said 250 students have already taken the survey.

“I was surprised to see that big of a number in such a short amount of time,” Bryant said.

Bryant also said the station shows 120 new movie releases in every year, record Tech events and show the news on Techtv.

“The movies are our biggest cost, but if cuts do happen, I hope they would take it in slower steps,” Bryant said. “I’ve worked for Techtv since my freshman year, and I would be really upset if something were to happen to it.”

Ginny DeLacerda, a sophomore kinesiology major, said she currently lives in Dudley Residence Hall and watches Techtv about three times a week.

“We like having it on in the background when a good movie comes on or while we’re getting ready because they play good music,” DeLacerda said.

DeLacerda said she would be disappointed if something bad were to happen to Techtv.

“It keeps me up to date on things that are going on when I watch the news, and I love that I can watch movies that I would normally have to rent,” DeLacerda said.
She also said the survey would be helpful if changes were to be made to Techtv.

“I think it’s like any other Tech tradition, because if it were gone, all of a sudden it would bother people,” DeLacerda said. “[Students] should speak up, because we need to have a say in things that affect us.”

Maggie Burford, a freshman accounting major, said the survey only took five minutes.
“The survey was worth my time if it helps the chances of keeping [Techtv],” Burford said.

Burford said she watches Techtv for the movies.

“It’s cheaper than going to the local rental store or buying from Netflix,” Burford said. “I probably watch two movies a week, but I have a friend that probably watches it about six hours a day.”