Pine Cove combs Tech campus for recruits

January 29, 2009

by Jordan White

Pine Cove, a Christian summer camp located in the Tyler and Columbus, Texas area, will have staff coming to Tech Jan. 25-27 to recruit for this summer’s session.

Jason Wallace, director of recruitment for Pine Cove, said the camp will be going college to college in order to find young and eager students to fill in positions at one of eight summer camps.

According to their Web site, over 900 jobs are available across five youth camps and three family camps.

“We love the opportunity to meet college students and hear about their lives and we find that people are most comfortable talking to us in their own territory,” Wallace said.

“We like to help those we are interviewing relax as we talk so that we can really get to know them and so that they can feel free to ask questions and get to know us.”

The positions are open to all high school seniors and college students who wish to work in a friendly Christian environment.

Other opportunities include working overseas, with inner city youth and also full-time positions for those looking for something longer term.

“Whatever role a college student fills, they will know from us and from their summer experience that it will change their life, the lives of our campers, and that camp would not function without them,” Wallace said.

“We hire counselors, boat drivers, horse instructors, cooks, lifeguards, musicians and photographers just to name a few of our positions.”

Available jobs include, but are not limited to: musicians, lifeguards and camp counselors, where applicants can work with children, young adults, and adults.

Jordan Wiersig, a sophomore education major, has worked for Pine Cove in the past and feels it to be an excellent way to spend a summer vacation.

“Working at Pine Cove is one of the most fulfilling summer jobs I can think of,” Wiersig said. “It stretches and tests your limits in different ways which change your daily life even after camp.”

Wiersig said that campers will arrive on Sunday and stay through Saturday, including 24 hours of leisure time.

“It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but it is a very fun atmosphere and it doesn’t take long for the energy to wear off on the campers and families,” said Wiersig.

“I woke up at 4:30 a.m. every morning, taught different instruction classes to groups of 2nd to 5th graders all day, and did physical labor in the heat of the summer.”

She said it was the hardest job she ever had, but also the best job.

Wiersig said the staff is composed of encouraging college students from all over the United States that become good, close friends in only a matter of weeks.

She said it gets to the point where difficult tasks can seem easy when looked at in this new light.

“The hours are long and the heat is hot, but at the end of the day knowing that you were intentional on building relationships with kids and parents of all ages and knowing that your work was helpful toward their eternal lives…that makes it worth it,” Wiersig said.

Wiersig said the best part about working at Pine Cove is that you get to experience summer camp all over again.

He said, “The food is great, the cabins are luxurious, there are crazy cheers and songs for everything you can imagine, and all in the name of glorifying God.”