Faulty amp silences KLPI

January 29, 2009

by Danielle Cintron

Music from the KLPI studio may be rocking the student body on campus, but as far as listeners in the car, static is the only sound audible.

On Friday, Jan. 16, KLPI sent out a mass e-mail alerting the student body about the technical problems the station was experiencing.

Matt Bean, the production director of KLPI and a senior electrical engineering major, said the problems were related to the station’s amplifier.

“The amp has been malfunctioning and our engineer took it to Monroe to fix it,” Bean said.

He also said the only problem the station is having is with the amplifier.

“We’re currently not transmitting, but we are playing music out of the studio speakers and inside the station,” Bean said.

He also said the station is not being affected in any way other than the loss of listeners outside of the campus.

“Our income comes from student fees just like any other organization,” Bean said.

He said students that tune in to 89.1 KLPI will not hear the regular broadcast.

“All the station is right now is noise,” Bean said.

Chris Hertlein, a disk jockey for KLPI and a senior physics and electrical engineering major, said the problems with the amplifier started last week.

“Our transmitter is busted, but it should be up again soon,” Hertlein said.

He also said since the station is not transmitting there is no need to do his regular show.

“We’re still working, but since we’re not broadcasting, nothing is really going on this week,” Hertlein said.

He also said those who have complained about the station being down have been calling in.

“We haven’t received any complaints from anyone just walking by,” Hertlein said.
“I think everyone is being really understanding about the technical problems.”