Carlisle wins SGA presidency

April 20, 2011

by Rebecca Spence, STAFF REPORTER

The repeatedly postponed Student Government Association election results were posted at 3 p.m. in the back of Tolliver, April 15.

With promises of big changes for Tech, Clint Carlisle, a senior political science major, will begin his new term as SGA President, April 28, after the installation banquet.

Carlisle beat out his opponent, Bridget Watts, a senior psychology major, with 527 votes to her 366 votes. Adding the amount of abstained votes makes the toal number of votes 933.

Shane Rich, a junior business administration major, captured the vice presidency by 38 votes over Keywaynethian Riser, a senior physics major.

“The first thing that I want to do as president is restructure the organization,” Carlisle said. “There are a lot changes that need to be made in order to allow us to operate more efficiently.”

He credits the win with relationships he has made while being involved in many different organizations on campus.

“During my career as a student, I have been involved in a number of campus organizations. I have had the ability to build relationships with many different students,” he said. “I truly want to improve this organization and this university, and I believe the students knew that when casting their votes.”

Although Watts lost the elections, she plans to implement the Greek unity board plans as promised during elections.

“It will help us to start seeing each other as allies instead of enemies and cut down on the negative associations with the Greeks who have been exemplified this year through many pranks and vandalisms,” she said. “It will also serve to bridge the gap to include NPHC in Greek events such as greek week and homecoming.”

As for losing the elections, Watts said that there was not much more she could have done to leave the election with a win.

“This was a classic case of a popularity contest,” she said. “Although I had the expertise and knowledge to run the SGA, I did not have titles such as OSL or homecoming queen that made people recognize my name.”

“It is my hope that this type of election does not deter people from running in the future just because their opponent is popular and has other titles on campus.”

Others were elected as well.

Tyler Sipes was elected SGA treasurer.

Bryan “Wally” Babcock was elected senior class president.

Christiana Hayward and Tess Stickney were elected senior class senators.

Rachel Ledbetter won junior class president.

Allison East and Caroline Windham were elected sophomore class senators.

Andrew Vicknair and Vegas Lamontague were elected College of Engineering and Science senators.

Leslie Thompson and Jeffrey Arnold were elected College of Education senators.

Charles Johnson was elected as the College of Business senator.

Also, there was a student opinion poll added on the ballot due to recent complaints to the current SGA president, Emily LaFleur, about the smoking policy on-campus. The student body indicated that they would like Tech to be a non-smoking campus and to completely outlaw the use of cigarettes. This was an addition to the ballot that many students were unaware that they would be polled on during this election.

“We decided to have the opinion poll on the ballot to have a better idea on how to address the issue,” LaFleur said.

Carlisle is very excited to begin his new term and believes that he will leave the campus better than he found it.

“I have very high expectations for the coming year, and I know that Shane and Tyler will help the organization sail to new heights,” he said. “This year is certainly going to be one for the record books.”

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