MFA art show displays graduate student talent

January 21, 2011

by Zach Beaird, STAFF REPORTER

The artwork of 10 graduate students was displayed at the MFA Grad Show Jan. 14 at the Louisiana Tech Enterprise Center.

The gallery includes art in the meda of painting, photography, sculpture and communication design open through Feb. 10.

The show includes the art of first and second year Master of Fine Arts students Caleb Clark, Joni Dollar, Adrian Gibson, Joli Grisham, Ashley Feagin, Clay Mckaskle, Rachul McClintic, Tennille Paden, Dan Snow and Diana Synatzske. Several of these students were returning for their second year in the show.

Bess Bieluczyk, Enterprise Center administrative assistant, has helped plan and coordinate several MFA shows.

“The students did an amazing job,” Bieluczyk said. “This has been one of the best shows the grad students have had since I have been here.”

“It’s great to see how some students’ work has changed from last year to this year,” Bieluczyk said. “I feel like this year’s work is more in-depth and has more complex subject matter.

One student noted by Bieluczyk was Feagin, a second-year graduate student in photography.

“Her [Feagin] subject matter speaks to me with views of domesticity,” Beilcuzyk said.

Feagin submitted four photos from a series that, in her project statement, said “represents one character’s obsession with how they are perceived,” and that the work “restrains the color pallet to predominately white allowing the viewer to question whose portrait is actually being taken; the character or her habits.”

Feagin said she was excited about the response she received on the work in the show.

“I have three new pieces in the show that have never been seen,” Feagin said. “I think I’ve received good feedback and questions about the concept of my work.”

She said that, overall, she thought the group of students did well with this year’s show.

“I think the show has good diversity and the quality of the work is impressive,” Feagin said. “I’m proud of my fellow grad students.”

Erin Hollis, a junior studio art major, said seeing the students’ work was encouraging as an undergraduate student.

“This level of education is when students learn their own style,” Hollis said. “They have the basics and fundamentals and now get to apply it all to their work.”

As part of the Art Speaker Series, the students will also be giving tours and brief talks about their work Feb. 2.

“We’ll be talking about the style and concept behind our work,” Feagin said. “And because it’s unique to each artist, we’ll also talk about the process behind making these pieces.” 

Hollis said the show and the speaker series reflects the merit of Tech’s graduate program in fine arts.

“This show proves how good the program and its teachers are,” Hollis said. “You can tell by the expressiveness of the art here that they are growing and learning through the school.”

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