Block and Bridle wrangles students to rodeo

November 12, 2009

by Ben Corda

Last Thursday, amidst the sounds of cows mooing and sheep bleating, about 30 people gathered at the Equine Center on South Campus to participate in and watch the Block and Bridle rodeo.

Spirits were high as the 15 competitors from all areas of campus mingled together, and techniques were being discussed about how to compete in the various events.

Corey Joiner, a junior nanosystems engineering major, competed in all nine of the rodeo events including the calf scramble, greased pig catch, goat tying, sheep roping and buddy barrel pickup.

“The rodeo was one of the most entertaining events I have been to while attending Tech,” Joiner said.
“Watching the other people was the best part of the rodeo. I didn’t think I would ever see a group of engineering majors rope a sheep or tie a goat.”

President of Block and Bridle and a junior animal science major, Jessie Wiggins, said the club was trying to find things to get people involved and bring back the fun activities that the club used to do.

“The number of people who showed up was low, but everyone that I talked to said it was fun and that we should do it again. It brought people out from all majors, and I feel it was something that will grow in popularity as time goes on,” Wiggins said.

An eclectic group of majors was represented at the rodeo, and wrangler for the Block and Bridle, Aaron Martin, enjoyed watching students in other majors come out and compete.

“It was good to see both agriculture and non-agriculture students participating and having fun,” Martin, a sophomore animal science major, said.
“I think the rodeo went really [well]. It gave people a chance to come out to the farm and experience the animals and have fun.”

Stephanie Parker, a junior electrical engineering major, agrees with Martin.

“I think that more people should come out for these types of events, especially students who have never been down to south campus. It was a lot of fun,” Parker said.

The participants were not the only ones in attendance.

Sarah Caudle, a freshman civil engineering major and a member of Kappa Delta, came out with other members of Kappa Delta sorority to support some of their sisters.

“My favorite part of the night was gathering with Kappa Delta sisters to cheer on our sisters who were competing,” Caudle said.
“I enjoyed watching the competitors because I [knew some of them], and I would have never thought they would compete in [a rodeo]. The rodeo was so much fun, watching competitors trying their hardest to win.”

Shelby Kadrovich, a freshman animal science major, put the evening in perspective.

“I enjoyed watching the other competitors because I was laughing so much at them, and I knew they were getting just as much of a laugh by watching me,” Kadrovich said.
“I loved the whole night it was a blast, something I won’t forget. The rodeo was so much fun and to those who didn’t come they truly missed out. You didn’t have to be a cowboy [or] cowgirl to have fun.”