Pine Cove Christian camps arrives at Tech

November 12, 2009

by Emily LaFleur

Pine Cove Christian Camps visited Tech last week to recruit students from their upcoming summer camp staff.

Carly Hogg, said she noticed the Pine Cove set up in the Student Center, Main Floor and coincidentally is in pursuit for summer work.

“I’ve been looking for a summer job, but what caught my interest is that [Pine Cove] is a great opportunity to spend the summer serving God,” she said.

Hogg said she hopes to further the application process and is glad the campus allows outside opportunities and organizations such as Pine Cove on campus to offer students something extra.

“The video they had playing on the TV was a great way to attract students; it definitely grabbed my attention,” she said. “I’ll complete the application process by filling out an online application.”

Lauren Head, a senior elementary education major, said she worked at Pine Cove and has learned there are numerous job opportunities awaiting future staffers.

“There are so many different options and positions that are all awesome,” she said. “There are eight camps and jobs [ranging] from boat driver to horse wrangler, health assistant and counselor.”

Head said she has learned so many things’ from staffing at Pine Cove.

“One thing God has really shown me is that I can trust in Him no matter what,” she said. “I have also learned how to be intentional in every way with people [which] is an invaluable [trait],” she said. “I have also learned so much about photography that I do not think I ever would have without learning it from [Pine Cove].”

Head believes anyone who joins the staff at these Christian camps has the chance to gain so much.

“College students can grow in Christ, in their relationship skills, meet some of the best friends you’ll find and can [even] grow skills in a specific area maybe tied to [their] major,” she said. “Fruits of the spirit like joy and patience will be tested and grown; you will [also] gain skills in confronting people and leading Bible studies.”

Logan Dugard, a junior communication design major, said he too staffed at Pine Cove and believes the experience is like no other where one can learn how to make stronger their walk with Christ.

“If you are passionate about doing the Lord’s work, loving people and desiring Christian community then this is a great place to experience all of [the above],” he said. “You can learn more about the God who loves us, saves us, and redeems us back to Him. Also you can learn about your identity and purpose that God has for you.”

Dugard, who has served as a counselor, recruiting coordinator and head lifeguard for Pine Cove Christian Camps, said he’s come to realize how much of a blessing it is to be a good Christian community like the one Pine cove creates.

“My favorite thought of camp is more of a collective group of experiences,” he said. “From seeing young kids come to know Christ for the first time, other kids finally understanding the walk they committed to when they were younger, and a bonus for working at a family camp I got to see families restored and also marriages reunited.”