From the sports desk:

November 12, 2009

by Kevin Sims

This is the time of year where The Tech Talk sports desk passes its reigns to the next up incoming sports staff in a sad farewell, but I’m leaving my position with tears of joy after my third stint as sports editor.

It will be bittersweet after six quarters on the sports staff to not see my name or my work on the back page of The Tech Talk, but the memories I’ve made with Tech athletics will stay with me throughout my whole career.

I came to Tech as an avid fan of that school that should not be named from south Louisiana, but my whole outlook on college athletics has transformed into an open mindedness I will need if I hope to succeed in sports journalism.

Just a short year and a half ago, I believed any school not connected to a BCS conference was basically irrelevant in the mainstream collegiate sports. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ve been emerged in Lady Techster lore, reliving a forgotten childhood watching Teresa Weatherspoon tremendous feats at the Thomas Assembly Center.

I not only witnessed Western Athletic Conference’s Fresno State win a national championship in baseball, but also predicted it after watching them play Tech in 2008.

Last week I saw a legitimate National Champion contender in football in football. Not only that, but for a brief moment I got to live a dream working for ESPN. I know it was only working a sideline microphone picking up the sounds of the action on the field, but it truly was special wearing an ESPN vest during a game.

That game also proved to me how tough it is for any team to play on the road and come out with a win. If Tech and Boise State played 100 times at a neutral field, it would be hard for me to believe Tech would come out with any wins. Boise State was very lucky to leave Joe Aillet Stadium still undefeated.
Speaking of the Joe, Tech might not be known for its insane tailgating and inhuman crowd noise, but don’t tell that to anyone in the student section.

Those cardboard cutouts of the heads of the ESPN crew and Derek Dooley during the Hawaii game might have been the most hilarious signs I’ve seen at any sporting event.

The intensity of the Blue Crew’s heckling the opponents from pregame warm up to the last whistle blow makes the Joe one of the toughest places to play no matter what conference.

I’m disappointed I did not go to the game, but I will remember being the first Tech Talk editor to lay out a page with a headline reading the soccer team won a conference game.

You would think it would have been an embarrassment for a program to go six years without a conference victory, but the turnaround head coach Kevin Sherry has shown taking a new team that was thrown into an established conference, a tough one I might add, and win a game with mostly underclassmen speaks volumes of his ability.

I’ve seen so much during my stint at Tech that I start recalling things at random times throughout the day. I hope that never goes away because the memories were of my favorite time as a college student.

Although this is my last column as a college student, I have a feeling this is not my final word about Tech athletics.

I am a Bulldog despite how hard I tried to fight it early on, and I hope you have had as much pleasure reading my work as I did writing it.