New student health center expected to be ready next fall

November 10, 2010

by Mary Timmons, Staff Reporter

Along with the $12.5 million expansions at Maxie Lambright Intramural Sports Center, a new University Health Center is expected to be completed by Fall 2011. 

The new center, which is expected to be larger than the current Health Center, is under construction and will be located in the new aquatics center adjacent to the Intramural Center.

Bobby Dowling, director of recreation, said the center will provide more convenience to students because of greater accessibility, longer hours of operation and more preventative programs.

“Lambright is open seven days a week and we have 1,300 people go through our doors daily,” Dowling said. “Most of the students needing health center services will have easy access to those services, and they will utilize the services because it is more convenient.”

The decision to build a new Health Center in a different location was based on its availability and ability to provide better benefits to students. 

“Everyone in student affairs made the decision,” Dowling said. “Health services and recreation should go hand-and-hand. Our mission is the same, better health for our students.”

The new center will continue to offer health services in a better environment and with an enhanced design. 

Linda Griffin, dean of student development, said with the new facility more efficient health care can be provided to students.

 “Nurses will be able to better deliver health services with a quieter, cleaner, more efficiently designed facility,” Griffin said. “The current building is old and poorly designed for efficient health care delivery.”

In addition to offering medical care, the new building will be equipped to host multiple health-based events.

“The Wellness Committee, comprised of personnel from the Health Center, Sports Center and Counseling Services, envisions collaborative programming at the new facility,” Griffin said. “It will include a large conference room which will be available for special meetings, forums and health education activities. In combining the Health Center and Lambright Sports Center, nurses will be available for sports injuries.”

Hours of availability may also change in order to be more resourceful and accessible for students.

“At first the hours and availability may be the same,” Griffin said. “However, we hope to eventually increase hours, offering services after traditional office hours. Much will depend upon the state budget and resources.” 

The Health Center will aim to not only provide convenience for health purposes but also to improve parking capacity. 

With the improvements being made on the Health Center, is projected to be one of the finer, more advanced campus facilities.

 “It will be one of the best student health centers,” Dowling said. “We are working to improve all areas of our student services. When this facility is completed, it will be one of the best facilities in the nation on a college campus.”

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