Spastic thoughts from Little Italy: Costumes leave little to the imagination

October 30, 2009

by Amy Olita

The top five women’s Halloween costumes of 2009, according to www.articlebase.com, are: Catwoman; Wizard Wanda, a sexy version of a Harry Potter character; Sexy Schoolgirl; Sexy Pirate and Naughty Nurse.

Of these top five picks, sexy is in some way associated with all of these costumes.
How did this happen?

The 2004 movie “Mean Girls” explains it best.

“Halloween is the one night a year girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

Halloween costumes have become glorified lingerie; girls are covered, sometimes, just enough to go out in public without being arrested for public indecency.
Even Disney princesses are not sacred.
Belle, Snow White and Alice in Wonderland costumes all have a naughtier version that displays just a little too much leg for All-Hallows Eve.

The criteria for buying a costume now is not whether or not it looks cute but whether it covers your ass, and usually, just barely at that.

So girls go to parties with barely anything on, drink their little hearts out, dance with random people and then wonder why people are calling them all sorts of names for weeks to come.

The way you portray yourself in one night does not just go away because the night is over.

And the pictures–the pictures where your costume doesn’t quite cover everything–those will come back to bite you in the end.

Girls, realize that you can still look cute, and God forbid, even sexy while still covering up just a bit. Ever heard of leaving something to the imagination?
It is intriguing to guys if you do not just lay everything out there for them. While guys might not show you quite so much immediate attention, you will more than likely gain their respect and meet guys who may lead to a more lasting relationship.
Dressing like a slut pretty much labels you as a slut, whether it’s true or not.

It gives guys an excuse to throw chivalry out the window and gives girls one more reason to talk about you behind your back and spread nasty rumors.

If you think Halloween is the one day you can dress like a slut and not be talked about, think again.

You might be safe for that one night, that one party, but the decisions you make during that one night could haunt you for years to come.

Amy is a junior journalism major from Shreveport and serves as news editor for The Tech Talk. E-mail comments to ako005@latech.edu.