LETTER TO THE EDITOR:Health bill more than rumors

April 29, 2010

The health care bill is still on Americans’ minds, and it is still annoying and confusing us all. I hear a lot of students and professors on our campus claiming the passing of this bill was unconstitutional. This bill was passed through our system the way any other bill is-America voted for senators and representatives, and those same legislators voted on a bill.

Now, the constitutionality of the content of the bill is under scrutiny. I personally feel such accusations are attempts to change precedent that interprets the Constitution as giving the federal government the power to regulate state commerce-commerce being an exchange of goods and services from the producer to the final consumer. Health insurance is a service and regulating that service is constitutional. Fact is: if everyone wasn’t required to acquire some form of health care insurance, illegalizing preexisting condition clauses would be impossible.

There will be an increase on the tax for Medicare from .9 percent to 2.35 percent only on families making $250,000 or more a year and individuals making $200,000 or more a year.

The reform will be paid for by the 1.45 percent increase on high-income families and individuals, and from fees that will be imposed on the insurance companies (insurance companies that have been charging Americans “fees” for way too long). By year 2018, there will be a 40 percent tax on families who are buying insurance plans that cost almost $30,000 a year. With the new restrictions that are being imposed on insurance providers, this would be a severely overpriced and extravagant plan. Many conservatives claim that this bill will bring premium costs up, but, of course, it isn’t so simple.

Citizens who make too much money to qualify for Medicare or Medicaid but still have trouble paying their insurance premiums will be offered government subsidies to help them out. These citizens who were only capable of purchasing bare minimum plans will now be able to afford better, more expensive plans.

Also included in the bill is the Student Aid Act that will continuously help those students who have fewer opportunities than some. The act offers grants and aid to students and lower income schools. Investing in students and increasing college opportunities and college completion affects health care tremendously when considering that these newly educated people will grow to hold successful careers, inevitabley making their contribution to society. A lot of the negative opinions have much to do with how involved media are in politics.

It is rare to find a fair, unbiased journalist; it is unsettlingly common to find a biased, ill-informed person who has no reservations about posting a blog that American citizens take as truth.

Our country is in a time of economic crisis and President Obama is attempting to clean up after the George W. Bush administration. The current state of our country has been a long time coming as a result of bad decisions made by many of the past and present politicians who Americans rely upon. Pew research polls stated that the anger toward the current administration is about the same as it was in Bush’s administration in 2006. The difference is, under the current administration, at least there’s a plan to deal with all that high blood pressure.

Ren Lambert
-President of College Democrats and a senior political science major