Students’ support helps raise more than $100K for St. Jude

February 17, 2011

by Amber Guyotte, COPY?EDITOR

Raising money to help save children’s lives brought Tech students and affiliates together in one mind set through the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Radiothon held Feb. 7-8 at Super 1 Foods in Ruston.

Nursing students, student athletes, forestry students, members of Phi Mu sorority and Sigma Nu fraternity members helped answer donation phone calls, collected money at Walmart and at Monday’s Lady Techsters basketball game, sold paper boots for $1 and greeted people at Super 1 for the fundraising event.

The radiothon was sponsored by the Zeta Rho chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha, KXKZ-107.5 and Super 1. Several nursing faculty members are involved with Zeta Rho and assisted with the fundraiser along with other faculty and staff members.

These people along with other donors helped raise $123,455 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Beth Fife, an associate professor of nursing, said the fundraiser benefits St. Jude, which works with children and their families worldwide to treat childhood cancer and other diseases.

“St. Jude provides treatment for anyone without cost to the families and operates mainly from public donations,” Fife said. “It costs approximately $1.5 million a day to operate. A large percentage of the patients come from Louisiana. I know that treatment of children is needed and that the money will be used wisely. In a 2010 Harris poll, St. Jude Hospital was rated as the most trusted charity in America.”

Fife said the fundraiser helps show that Tech cares about special causes and supports community efforts for the causes.

“It shows the Tech family in action,” she said. “It shows that people have soft hearts and willing spirits. One of Tech’s tenets is caring, and the university is becoming more community-oriented. When people hear the stories about these children, how can they not want to help? Not only are Tech students involved, but also Tech faculty and staff from several disciplines and departments.”

Zach Morrow, a junior nursing student, said he believes in supporting St. Jude because the children and their families need the support of those who are able to help.

“I feel that as a community we have a responsibility to take care of and support each other as best we can,” Morrow said. “That’s including Tech students. We may not be here in Ruston all the time, but we are still part of the community.”

Allison Ambrose, a junior nursing student, said nursing students are required to complete a community service project each quarter and that St. Jude is a good cause to support.

“I have already completed my project for winter quarter, but I wanted to be involved in the St. Jude radiothon because I have three young children and cannot imagine one of them getting cancer,” Ambrose said. “I support St. Jude because they offer hope to so many families who are suffering from pediatric cancer. I cannot imagine the agony that these people face on a daily basis, especially those that lose their children to this terrible disease.”

She also said she enjoys showing compassion toward others and wants to teach her children to do the same.

“I do get a sense of accomplishment from helping people, but I also want my children to see that helping others is important and that they should do it whenever they can,” said Ambrose.

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