‘Show at the Joe’ provides fun for community

May 12, 2011

by Sherelle Black, STAFF REPORTER

High pitched screams, laughter and the aroma of hot jambalaya and crawfish filled the air as Elizabeth Bridges walked into the Joe Aillet Stadium.

Bridges, a freshman interior design major, had no idea what to expect May 5 when she attended Union Board’s “Show at the Joe: Spring Fling.”

“It sounded like fun,” she said. “When UB was advertising, they kept mentioning the rides and the human slingshot, and that really caught my eye.”

UB offered a plethora of rides and games for students with attractions such as the human ejection seat, bungee trampoline, bumper cars, rock climbing and others that provided entertainment.

Bridges said she enjoyed many of the rides, but one particularly gave her a thrill.

“I believe the biggest thing that most people liked, including myself, was the human slingshot ride,” Bridges said. “It was amazing and hilarious at the same time. You will hear grown men scream like little girls while waiting in line. People’s faces show shock and then relief after riding it. It was nothing like a rollercoaster, but the sensation of believing you were about to hit the ground was so cool.”

For $10 students could enter Spring Fling at the Joe and get a crawfish plate, which some students like Bridges said was a little too much.

“I thought the prices were a little high since the shirt was an extra five bucks, but I can’t complain,” she said. “There has to be a way to pay for fun.”

DeMarcus Jacobs, a freshman mechanical engineering major, said he thought the prices were reasonable considering everything that was included.

“They had jambalaya, tons of crawfish, funnel cakes and snow cones,” he said. “I was surprised at how much crawfish they had on the plate, along with corn and good potatoes.”

Along with the rides and games, UB also offered students the chance to do arts and crafts.

Bridges said it was perfect timing to do arts and crafts with a special holiday right around the corner.

“I made a craft that was two hands together that formed a heart shape, which I gave to my mom for Mother’s Day,” she said.

Christopher Rayner, Spring Fling committee chairman, said he was ecstatic to see people excited about Spring Fling, especially since it almost did not happen this year.

“With all of the budget cuts that happened this year, the administration wanted us to find a way to have fun in an inexpensive and efficient way,” said Rayner, a senior human resources major. “So to lessen the cost we combined our spring concert with spring fling.”

Rayner said although he felt Spring Fling was a success, he would love to see more student participation.

“I felt this event had the potential to be one of the best events that Tech students had ever seen, but it just didn’t get there,” he said. “Maybe it was because we didn’t give it enough publicity or students had other engagements.”

Bridges said she enjoyed herself so much, and she will definitely be back to attend the next Spring Fling.

 “Next year I hope to see more extreme rides, more sweets such as cookies and cake and shooting games like target or paintball,” she said.

Although Spring Fling may have not had everything Bridges wanted, she said she was just as happy to be getting to spend time in a different environment.

“It was a great way to get away from studying and the dorms and hang out with people new and old.”

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