Just the beginning

August 31, 2007

Only those who were exceptionally satisfied with their college experiences will say the best time of your life will be the time spent in college.

Although I can confidently say that I have enjoyed my experiences at Tech, I do not know if I would agree with those who say your conventional four years at college (maybe more for others) is the best it is going to get.

If that were the case then there would be nothing to look forward to in the future.
There is no doubt about it; your time spent in college allows you more freedom and slightly less responsibility than a life with the rest of the working class.

My sophomore year I had the chance of a lifetime, well, the chance of my lifetime at least.

A friend, who has recently graduated from Tech with a degree in aviation, invited me quarters ago to take a flight with him.
The invitation was not a big deal on his part but when I accepted; the short trip soared close to the top of my list of the best things I have experienced at college thus far.

After short a drive to Ruston’s airport, which I had no idea existed, rubber left the road, and we were ascending to our destination – Vicksburg, Miss.

Air currents made the small plane bounce occasionally, but the jolts did not faze me at all.

I was too busy soaking in the view.
Land was divided into squares.

Different towns, woods and crops could easily be distinguished.

I saw the brown Mississippi River cut its path through the trees.

The overall scenery was breathtaking.
Although the trip was only one hour, the memory will be something carried with me forever.

Different experiences are something that I enjoy, and preparing to become a journalist has allowed me to receive a roundabout education on a plethora of different subjects.

College has certainly opened doors for me but I do not think it has been the peak of my enjoyment.

I know that there are still many more “adventures” to come in my future.
Since declaring my major in journalism, I have had the chance to learn about others interests and specialties.

A quarter ago I witnessed first hand, architecture students work with a new piece of machinery.

As a demonstration, they designed a Tech Talk logo and had it engraved into a sheet of metal.

Experiencing what is going on around our school has opened my eyes to other great things that are yet to be encountered.

No matter what your adventures have been thus far, keep in mind that college is temporary; it is just a blip on the radar.

Enjoy this time to the fullest, but remember many more good times are coming as well.

Sara Bergquist is a senior journalism major from Mandeville and serves as editor for The Tech Talk. E-mail comments to sbe007@latech.edu.