Summer is not slowing down

August 31, 2007

Summers in Ruston can make you or break you.
Some of my closest friends have spent previous summers here, and I’ve heard mixed reactions from each of them.

One person will say that being here all summer molded them into the person they are today, while another person would say it was the most boring summer of his life.

This being my first summer here, I can see where both sides are coming from.

First of all, most of the friends I hang around during the school year are gone for the summer. Combine that with the absence of traditional classes, and the overall lack of activities, and this sounds as if it could be a pretty dreadful, hot, boring summer.

After spending a few weeks in a house, by myself for the most part, I’ve realized what this time is all about. Life isn’t about having something to do every second of the day, but that’s how most of my college career has gone.

I go to school, go to basketball, work on the newspaper, do homework and go to bed.
During the school year, I don’t have time to think about myself, my overall growth as a person, or really anything that is going on outside of my everyday stratosphere.

This summer, I’ll either be super busy, or I will have nothing to do. At first, anytime I would have nothing to do, I would drive to another city. Shreveport, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, wherever. Simply because I was too afraid to face the fact that I was alone here, and that I would have to create my own entertainment or activities.

Why is that so scary?

Lately I’ve been much busier, which makes it easier to write this, but, during my down time now, I relax, collect my thoughts, write, and enjoy being the person I am right now.

If you have any sort of imagination, there is always something to do, no matter where you are. I’m not going to give a list of things to do in Ruston, because we all know what’s out there.

Everything in Ruston is what you make it. Hell, everything in life is that way too.

Sure, there are more things to do in New York, but going out every night and wasting all your money can’t be that much better than having a dance party in your room with a bunch of strangers and a crazy light show right here in Ruston, right?

If anybody is tragically bored in Ruston this summer, check yourself before you blame the city.

JJ Marshall is a senior journalism major from Shreveport and serves as associate editor for The Tech Talk. E-mail comments to jjm023@latech.edu.