Tolliver Hall will be open 24-hours during finals’ week

February 17, 2011

by Staff Report, EDITORIAL STAFF

Roommate being too loud while you are studying for finals? Tired of not having a place to pull that all-nighter?

The Student Government Association has arranged for Tolliver Hall to be open 24 hours during finals’ week.

SGA president Emily LaFleur said the idea came from the students’ inquiries about Tolliver’s closing time.

“We’ve wondered this, and students have expressed that Tolliver Hall should be open 24 hours at least during finals,” she said. “We asked the administration and Tech police personnel to help us try this experiment, and they agreed.”

LaFleur said Tolliver presents the perfect environment for late-night studying students.

“It’s safe, well-lit, has bathrooms, WiFi and Aramark will even provide free coffee after Java City closes at 10 p.m.,” she said.

Tolliver will be open 24 hours starting Monday and will stay that way until campus closes for the quarter Thursday at 2 p.m.

The free coffee will be self-serve and Tech police personnel will be patrolling the area.

The stores within Tolliver will maintain the same hours despite the change for finals.

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