AWS spreads love with Valentine’s Day cards

February 18, 2009

by Maggie Bullock

Approximately 35 students gathered for an afternoon of making Valentine’s Day cards with the Association for Women Students Feb. 9 in the Tolliver Hall conference room.

The next day, students and members of AWS personally delivered the handmade valentines to residents of the Alpine Nursing Home.

Nadia Hart, AWS president and a junior political science major, said one of her goals when she became president of AWS was to give back to the community.

“I wanted to give the cards to our senior citizens because I knew it would brighten their day,” Hart said. “We just wanted to let them know someone was thinking about them.”

Hart said the event was the organization’s first Valentine’s Day event and hopes to make it an annual one.

“We want to institute more annual events and have more students attend,” Hart said. “You get more of a recognizable name [as an organization] with annual events.”

She also said students seemed to really enjoy the event.

“This is why we like activities that require a little hands-on, because it lets [students] forget about school and get a little messy,” Hart said. “Making the valentines helped me to channel my inner child and allowed me deal with all the stress of finals and term papers.”

Sami Custer, AWS secretary and a sophomore elementary education major, said she came up with the idea to make the Valentine’s Day cards.

“My sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, delivered Valentine cards last year,” Custer said. “I wanted AWS to have the same experience, because it was really rewarding.”

Custer said she really enjoyed handing out the handmade Valentines to the residents.
“I could see that it made their day,” Custer said. “They probably didn’t get a lot of visitors on Valentine’s Day, so it was really satisfying.”

She also said making the cards was a good opportunity for AWS to get the campus involved.

“By making the cards, we wanted to make a difference in the community and put the name AWS out there in a positive light,” Custer said.

Mollie Leach, AWS vice president and a sophomore history major, said taking the cards to the nursing home residents was really fulfilling.

“The senior citizens were grateful someone took the time to make valentines and bring them out there,” Leach said. “To make the cards takes nothing, and it makes them feel so special from something that took you five minutes to make.”

Leach said she wants to improve publicity and have food available for next year’s event.

“I would like to better advertise that we deliver the cards because we didn’t have as good a turnout for delivering them as we did making them,” Leach said. “It’s all about the advertising.”

She also said AWS is not well known, but it is events like this that can boost the organization’s membership.

“Every female undergraduate is already a member, because they pay 50 cents every quarter and they don’t realize it,” Leach said. “We get the students involved, and then we get the community involved.”