The Band Perry revealed

November 10, 2010

by Amy Olita, Editor

Brothers Reid and Neil Perry, two-thirds of The Band Perry, gave me an insider’s guide to the group’s creative process and their newly released self-titled album. 

While the two brothers, along with older sister Kimberly, have not always performed together, the trio has always “felt the drive to perform and create music,” as stated on the band’s website. 

 The band’s debut album was released Oct. 12 with two very different singles highlighted among the mix. The songs are so different that it may seem “Hip to My Heart” and “If I Die Young” are not from the same album, with one being very upbeat and rock-inspired and the other being a somber ballad. 

Reid said a lot of the inspiration for their songs is just from listening to others and observing people around them. 

“One thing that we’ve noticed in country music and one thing we love about country music are the everyday person’s stories,” Neil explained. “We always want to be honest when we’re songwriting, and I think that’s something that we’ve tried to do with our album. There are many layers I think people will be able to relate to off this album.”

Reid said many of their songwriting sessions begin as rehearsals in their home, he on his bass, Neil on the mandolin and Kimberly with her guitar. He said someone will bring in a song idea and start and playing it and the other two fall in line.

“We want [our songs] to come pretty easily, so if we do hit a road block we put it aside until it comes easier to us,” Reid said. He said the song “Independence” took a year to write, but “If I Die Young” was written in only four to six hours.

The brothers said their basic goal is to grow as musicians, especially within their live show. 

Reid said, “We just have to be doing the same thing we’re doing now in five, 10, 20 years, which is playing every single night the songs we love and continue to hopefully write songs that will mean something to people and give them an escape for a moment or two in their lives.”

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