Kappa Delta Sorority gives back to local children

December 18, 2009

by Jessica Cassels

Kappa Delta Sorority held its annual philanthropy event Dec. 8 alongside the women of Grace Methodist Church and the Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home.

The event included games, presents, crafts and fellowship with the women from Grace Methodist Church and five girls from the Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home, as a reward for their good behavior.

Natalie Gunn, a junior speech pathology major, said she cares about giving back.

“I like giving more than receiving,” Gunn said. “This event made me really feel for the girls and want to help them as much as I possibly can. Making the time to give to them made me want to give even more of myself.”

Gunn said her favorite part of the event was when the girls opened their new TV.

“You should have seen all five of them ripping at the paper,” Gunn said. “It really made me feel good.”

Sarah Thomason, a sophomore elementary education major, said helping those in need is an experience everyone should have at least once. She also said her favorite part was when the girls opened their new TV.

“The girls told us that it took three [attempts] for their old one to finally come on,” Thomason said. “They were so happy about the getting the new TV that it made me want to give them my TV. They’re happy about simple things, and it made me see how materialistic we have all gotten.”

Thomason said by playing games with the girls the event put her in the holiday spirit.

“Christmas is like the holiday [of the whole year], and the women of Grace Methodist Church really made everyone feel like a family,” Thomason said. “We played an icebreaker game where everyone had a Christmas character sticker; there were two stickers of each, on their backs, and you had to ask questions to find out who you were and then go find your twin.

Everyone played, from the Kappa Deltas, to the little girls, to the women of the church.”

Hannah Marion, a senior speech communication major, said the event made her very emotional.

“All of our philanthropy events are emotional for me,” Marion said. “Giving makes me feel better, especially when I’m stressed, and I like to help others.”

Marion also said family is very important to her.

“These girls don’t really have parents, so we play that part,” Marion said. “We step up to the plate and be their mom figure when no one else will.”

Marion also said the craft was one of her favorite things about the event and that this event is a big deal for the girls.

“We made Christmas ornaments,” Marion said. “Everyone participated, including the women of the church. We were all very thankful to be able to help them, and at the end of the event we all sang ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas.'”