Glory in the Highest tour visits Tech

December 18, 2009

by Emily LaFleur

Leading contemporary Christian artists performed a number of worship songs and Christmas classics for students and the Ruston community Sunday night, Dec. 13 in Howard Auditorium, Center for the Performing Arts.

The night began with opening performances by Bethany Dillon followed by Phil Wickham.
Both Dillon and Wickham thanked the audience for coming out and praising the Lord with them.

Wickham said he enjoyed visiting with the crowd during intermission and was glad to be here.

Blair Kelley, a sophomore social studies education major, said she was “very surprised” when she first heard word of the tour stop at Tech.

“I enjoyed the whole night, especially when Shane & Shane came out and joked around with the audience; they made the night more personal,” she said. “I also had the opportunity to help out at Dillon’s merchandise table.”

Kelley said worshiping in a large group is important and an awesome opportunity to gather in the name of Christ.

“Events like tonight share the gospel in a unique way because music reaches all people,” she said.

Kelley also said the night was a treat for everyone, no matter what sort of religious affiliation they claim.

“It would be nice to see more events like this because they bring people together,” she said. “Everyone: sororities, fraternities, The Baptist College Ministry, the Wesley Foundation, all groups and organizations and even non-Christian students were there.”

Kelley said the night also included the artists giving personal accounts of their lives and goals.

Wickham said there are two reasons why he continues to choose to sing of good news and worship with others.

“One, there is nothing else I would rather do,” he said. “Second, it is what I feel I was created to do.”

Joey Parish, drummer and tour manager for Shane & Shane, said the band loves interacting with college students who account for a large percentage of their listening audience.

“I feel called to travel [and] spread the good word and Jesus,” he said. “Shane & Shane connect more with college-age [students] because that is when they were called which is why they relate the most to them.”

Parish also said he hopes everyone enjoyed the performance and remembers one thing:
“Jesus loves you.”

Shane Everett, a singer/songwriter of Shane & Shane, said it is truly a privilege to share Jesus with others.

“I really believe that Jesus is real, and we have a calling to go brag about Him,” he said.

Everett said one of his goals is to spread Jesus and share the love he has experienced.

“I want to inspire others through song and His word,” he said. “I want to let His word do what it does.”

Shane Barnard, a singer/songwriter of Shane & Shane, said he, too, loves the opportunity to be [in Ruston] and hopes to encourage students to pursue Christ.

“Take these years that you have and spend them getting to know Christ because there is no better time,” he said. “Everything else is serving rubbish.”